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St. Louis Blues 4, Calgary Flames 3

14 Oct

The Flames didn’t really have an excuse for coming out as flat as they did. They were rested, they were at home. They have a full complement of players, with the exception of T.J. Brodie. Even though Brodie would have helped, I’m not sure if he would have been enough.

Calgary had four powerplays in the first 20 minutes, and although they scored on one of them, they only managed four shots in the period. Luckily their first shot went in. Hiller was great because they were outshot 14-4 by the Blues and still managed to lead after 20 minutes, 2-to-1.

The second was a different story. St. Louis continued to dominate Calgary but this time Hiller wasn’t as great, and the shooting percentage of the Blues started to average out. St. Louis scored three unanswered goals in the second period to lead by two.

The third period started out just as the Flames hoped, with an early goal. However the Blues were able to hold on after a final push by Calgary – who certainly had their chances to tie it – to prevent the Flames from collecting their first home win of the season.

Who stood out?

Johnny Gaudreau continues to look good to start the season, as does his linemates Hudler and Monahan. Jonas Hiller was pretty solid as well, despite giving up four goals. Dennis Wideman surprisingly has picked up exactly where he left off last season, which was a career year for him. With another two assists Wideman is just behind Hudler and Gaudreau in points in this young season.

Dennis Wideman

Dennis Wideman is my pick of the night (Why is this the first photo I found?)

A couple guys who stood out for me for not standing out were Lance Bouma and Michael Ferland. Both these guys need to have the sort of on-ice presence that opponents are aware of. Outside of a few half-hits, neither were really noticeable until Bouma left the game in the second with an apparent ankle injury.

McDavid Night in Canada

Next up are the provincial rivals on Saturday, which includes the first appearance in Calgary for Connor McDavid. The Oiler fans are going to come out in droves for this game, so we’re going to have to be a little louder than usual to drown them out. This is one of those games where the most important part is to get a quick start to keep the Flames fans in the game and the Oiler fans quiet.

Connor McDavid

Rookie Phenom Connor McDavid



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Flames 1, Oilers 0 and Oilers 3, Flames 1 – Preseason

21 Sep

The Flames and Oilers split the split-squad game to open the preseason for both clubs Sunday night.

Obviously I didn’t see the game in Edmonton, since it was at the same time, but the guys that played in Calgary seemed to do pretty well. Calgary dominated the game for the first 35 minutes of the game, then fairly easily rode out a 1-0 lead until the end.

Joe Colborne, TJ Brodie, Mark Giordano, Johnny Gaudreau, Jiri Hudler and Morgan Klimchuk all had noticeable games. There were a couple big open ice hits but no fights and no hits along the boards. Devin Setoguchi was a victim of a pick which left him laid out on the ice, and very angry. The goalies pitched a shutout, but really weren’t tested that much.

The story line here is… since when did Devin Setoguchi become a Flame? I must have missed that. I’d better go do some heavy-duty investigative journalism here…. So Wikipedia tells me that on August 23, 2014, the Calgary Flames announced they had signed Setoguchi to a 1 year contract. That’s pretty un-newsworthy. Last year for Winnipeg Devin had 11 goals, 16 assists for 27 points in 75 games played.

Next up is the Arizona Coyotes (the team a whole state owns) in Sylvan Lake. I’m gonna get me in some water-slidin’!

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Who will be the Flames’ next #1 centre?

07 Sep

I love starting rumors.

So Jay Feaster said on Thursday that the Flames don’t feel like they have a bonafide number one centre. Talks with Brad Richards were close, oh so close, but Richards didn’t want to play in the Western Conference (lazy ass). And now with the Langkow, Regehr and Kotalik deals in the ledger, the Flames have about $3.5M in cap room. So let’s have a look at the top five candidates that will definitely probably become a Flame at some point in the very near future, maybe.

#5 – Paul Stastny
Currently with: Colorado Avalanche
Points last year: 22G 35A 57P
Reason why he’s expendable: Two words. Matt. Duchene.  Duchene outperformed Stastny last year and is 5 years younger. And let’s face it, Colorado isn’t going anywhere this year.
Reason why he’s not: Stastny makes $6.6M/year. Ouch. Plus at 25, he has got 10 years of hockey left in him. Why would the Avs get rid of that?

#4 – Mikhail Grabovski
Currently with: Toronto Maple Leafs
Points last year: 29G 29A 58P
Reason why he’s expendable: Because Toronto is dumb, and they have a history of dumping guys right before their breakout year. And we have a history of picking up their trash.
Reason why he’s not: Toronto has a producing hockey player for less than $4M/year, even they can’t screw this up. Can they?

#3 – Nicklas Backstrom 
Currently with: Washington Capitals
Points last year: 18G 47A 65P
Reason why he’s expendable: Because teammates in Washington have recently come out saying that Backstrom doesn’t try hard enough. If your teammates lose confidence in you, it becomes a steady march down trade street – or perhaps to the KHL. The Caps are also over the cap, so they have to dump some salary before the season starts.
Reason why he’s not: $6M/year for the next four seasons. Enough said.

#2 – Joe Pavelski
Currently with: San Jose Sharks
Points last year: 20G 46A 66P
Reason why he’s expendable: Jumbo Joe will always be the number one guy in San Jose. Mini Joe will have to go elsewhere for the opportunity.
Reason why he’s not: The Flames would have to find another half million dollars to make this deal possible. Which isn’t that unrealistic.

#1 – Tuomo Ruutu 
Currently with: Carolina Hurricanes
Points last year: 19G 38A 57P
Reason why he’s expendable: Carolina has two centres already ahead of him on the depth chart in Staal and Skinner. He is also an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year.
Reason why he’s not: He only had 2 more points than Jokinen, so he’s not that much of an improvement points-wise. The Flames would still also need to find a million dollars in cap space somewhere. Sorry Sarich.

There you have it, my money is either Pavelski or Ruutu in a Flames jersey at some point during the year. You guys may as well get both jerseys numbered up now just to make sure you beat the rush.

You’re welcome.


Staal a Flame?

09 Sep
  • Eric?
  • Jordan?
  • Marc!

The latest rumour out of New York is that the Flames have sent Ranger defenceman Marc Staal an offer sheet. Although the Flames are already $2.35M over the cap, the offer is thought to be about $4.5M/year. Plus they have eight defencemen already on one-way contracts. Maybe this means bye-bye to Robin Regehr and his $4M/year?

This doesn’t make any sense, I’m positive hopeful that Sutter has enough hockey sense left in him to not completely screw this team up for Jay Feaster’s tenure.


Who’s back, and who’s gone?

09 Sep

Who’s back?

Who’s gone?

Who’s new?

Who’s old?

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