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As a blog, relies on the input of its visitors to help determine the direction of the site. From this input I’ve learned that it’s important to post all comments that are relevant to the topic, unless they are spam or offensive.

Comments that bash, slag, belittle, slam, cut down, dump on, pick on, put down, bad-mouth, knock, insult, vilify, berate, smear or zing other NHL hockey teams are encouraged, those types of comments about the Calgary Flames are grudgingly accepted.

Any attack on another user’s comment is fine, but a personal attack on an individual will result in a deleted comment and banishment from any further commenting.

If a comment is solely trying to sell visitors something or is linking to another site without context, it will not be approved.

Comments are moderated, mainly due to the heavy volume of spam the site is currently receiving. I am working on finding and configuring the proper spam filter, hopefully I can find another commenting method that will allow comments to be posted immediately.

I reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog at any time and without notice. If you have any questions on the commenting policy, please let me know.


I’ve been a Flames fan for a long, long time. Other than shelling out hoards of money on season tickets, nachos, beer and Calgary Flames merchandise I have no affiliation with the Flames organization. I’d say that allows me journalistic integrity, but the truth is I’ve never been offered anything in exchange for positive press. Really Calgary Flames, you couldn’t spare just one seat in the press box just one time?

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