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Flames 3 – Blue Jackets 2 (Overtime)

14 Dec

I can’t say this too often, but that was a game that the Flames deserved to lose, yet won. See usually they deserve to lose and they do, or their opponent deserves to lose and they do, or (rarely) the Flames deserve a win and they lose. Got all that? Well, none of that happened last night.

The Flames were up by two goals early, and by some fluke held on for one point – to eventually score in overtime. So why was everyone in the ‘Dome so happy that the Flames only gained one point on a team they are trying to catch? They blew a two-goal lead for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, on to more important stuff. Matt Stajan sat for the second game in a row which can only mean one thing, he’s been traded to Boston for their second round pick in 2011.

BTW Adam Pardy has looked awful since his return from injury. I’ve also updated the current line combinations for all you poolies out there stupid enough to pick a Flame for your fantasy team.

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Canucks 7 – Flames 2

02 Dec

You wouldn’t know it by the score, but this was a pretty good game through two periods. It’s funny because my prediction of “and the Canucks will score three unanswered goals in the third to win 6-2” wasn’t far off. Highlight of the game? When it ended.

So now I’m officially ready. Let’s do it… let’s pull the plug on this team while they are still valuable (in others’ eyes).

Here is what I want:

  • I want to keep Backlund, Bourque, Hagman, Moss and Giordano.
  • I’d trade Iginla and Glenncross for Brayden Schenn and Jack Johnson in L.A.
  • I’d trade Kiprusoff for Jacob Markstrom and Erik Gudbranson in Florida. 
  • I want to trade Jokinen for those nachos they sell with the fake cheese in the Saddledome.
  • I’d keep Kotalik and Tanguay until the draft and see what I could get (if anything) for either of them. Maybe package them together for Elisha Cuthbert? Dion probably wouldn’t go for that. Avery would have.
  • I’d let Sarich and Staios walk.
  • I’d trade Regher for Cody Hodgson, as the Canuckleheads are in need of a good defenceman.
  • Who does that leave? Matt Stajan? I’d trade him for a pick in 2012 as well. Doesn’t even matter which round, preferrably the second.

That would constitute about three years of Oiler-esque suckage. But is that so bad? For all of our so-called talent on paper, we are only one point up on the hapless Oil.


Sutter fired? Let the rumours begin!

29 Nov

The Calgary Sun reports that a rumor surfaced Saturday night after the Flames flew home from a loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins without Darryl Sutter onboard that he had been canned. The team denies it, saying Sutter had to stay back east for some scouting.

Sutter has been with the Flames since 2002, and no word how this might effect Ron, Brent, Duane, and Brian.

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Who should stay, who needs to go?

09 Nov

Check out the new voice of the people page, submit your idea or vote on the quickest, easiest way to solve all the Flames’ problems!

Click here to submit your idea or vote on the ideas of others

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Why T.J. Brodie is the key to Kotalik’s future

27 Sep

Think about it, if T.J. Brodie gives the Flames brass no reason to send him down to the AHL, then there will be no room for an overpriced defenceman. For now, let’s call that guy Cory Sarich. Now Sarich is making $3.6M this year, which happens to be $600,000 more than teammate Ales Kotalik. If Kotalik can once again (god help us) convince Sutter that he is an NHLer, then Brodie helped Daryl clear up nearly $3M for Ales.

However, the Flames are still over the cap (by just over $2M) so something further will have to be done.

In other news… and then there were 35. Matt Keetley, John Negrin and Keith Seabrook are the latest sent to Abbotsford.


Staal a Flame?

09 Sep
  • Eric?
  • Jordan?
  • Marc!

The latest rumour out of New York is that the Flames have sent Ranger defenceman Marc Staal an offer sheet. Although the Flames are already $2.35M over the cap, the offer is thought to be about $4.5M/year. Plus they have eight defencemen already on one-way contracts. Maybe this means bye-bye to Robin Regehr and his $4M/year?

This doesn’t make any sense, I’m positive hopeful that Sutter has enough hockey sense left in him to not completely screw this team up for Jay Feaster’s tenure.


Spezza to the Flames?

28 Jun

I think this is best squashed with this, there is no market for a $7 million player with five years remaining on his contract. Unless of course Ottawa will take guys like Kotalik and Sarich as a trade.

Actually yeah, that’s totally possible Kotalik, Sarich and let’s say… Dave Shantz to the Senators for Jason Spezza.

Done and done. It’s a lock.

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What’s with this site?

31 May

This site has been around for the last seven seasons, 2003/04 preseason was the beginning of my ramblings to no one and I’ve been posting after every game since.

I’ve had a lot of trouble this year after my site was hacked (yes, someone has even more free time than I) so I’ve decided to go in a new direction. I’ve switched to WordPress… mainly because I’ve been running a blog without blogging software for several years and that didn’t seem right.

Over those years I’ve noticed that people come to this site for three things:

  • What really happened in the last game. The coaches say one thing, the media another, but it’s all the same. I saw the last game, and I’ll tell you what I thought. This is the home page (blog) that is
  • Who is sucking, and who earns their paycheque. This is the current roster with my thoughts added because I can. This is the Current roster page.
  • Who is playing with who. I assume because a lot of people come because of fantasy hockey. Guys (and maybe even a gal or two) that don’t know the team, but need a good sleeper pick. This is the Current line combinations page.


That’s about it for now, as I play with WordPress I’ll try to update the look a bit. But the best part is now people can comment themselves, and not have to email me their absolutely stupid comments directly.  That’s a win for me!


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