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Kyle Turris a Calgary Flame?

02 Nov

Phoenix Coyotes center Kyle Turris remains unsigned and the Calgary Flames are “very, very interested” in trading for him, according to ESPN. A source tells the site that the Flames “have kept weekly tabs on the Turris situation” and had more than a few conversations with the Coyotes and the agent for Turris, Kurt Overhardt. However the stumbling block is that Phoenix doesn’t want to trade Turris unsigned.

What do you guys think? What would you be willing to give up for Kyle Turris? Is he the Rico Fata of the new era? Does his potential outweigh his previous production?

Would you trade Rene Bourque, David Moss, Sven Bartschi ? Let’s hear it!


It’s prediction time!

07 Oct

Who doesn’t love 2011-12 NHL prediction time? I love predictions, even if they are always wrong! So here we go…

  1. Yahoo has the Flames as second in the Northwest Division, although that doesn’t necessarily mean a playoff spot.
  2. Some random guy with a blog has the Flames as eighth in the Western Conference. And random bloggers always know best.
  3. The Bleacher Report has the Flames as a very sad-looking 13th in the West.
  4. Islander Hockey blog has a similar stance as I do, that Calgary will once again be oh-so-close.
  5. Puck me please also has Calgary in ninth.

As for me? I’m going to predict that the Flames will compete with the Blues, Blue Jackets, Stars and Wild for the last two playoff spots. Five teams, two spots. Yikes.

Here is my Western Conference final prediction (I don’t really care for the East), sorry once again Calgary fans:

  1. Vancouver Canucks
  2. San Jose Sharks
  3. Detroit Red Wings
  4. Chicago Blackhawks
  5. Los Angeles Kings
  6. Anaheim Ducks
  7. Nashville Predators
  8. St. Louis Blues
  9. Calgary Flames
  10. Dallas Stars
  11. Columbus Blue Jackets
  12. Minnesota Wild
  13. Colorado Avalanche
  14. Edmonton Oilers
  15. Phoenix Coyotes
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Who will be the Flames’ next #1 centre?

07 Sep

I love starting rumors.

So Jay Feaster said on Thursday that the Flames don’t feel like they have a bonafide number one centre. Talks with Brad Richards were close, oh so close, but Richards didn’t want to play in the Western Conference (lazy ass). And now with the Langkow, Regehr and Kotalik deals in the ledger, the Flames have about $3.5M in cap room. So let’s have a look at the top five candidates that will definitely probably become a Flame at some point in the very near future, maybe.

#5 – Paul Stastny
Currently with: Colorado Avalanche
Points last year: 22G 35A 57P
Reason why he’s expendable: Two words. Matt. Duchene.  Duchene outperformed Stastny last year and is 5 years younger. And let’s face it, Colorado isn’t going anywhere this year.
Reason why he’s not: Stastny makes $6.6M/year. Ouch. Plus at 25, he has got 10 years of hockey left in him. Why would the Avs get rid of that?

#4 – Mikhail Grabovski
Currently with: Toronto Maple Leafs
Points last year: 29G 29A 58P
Reason why he’s expendable: Because Toronto is dumb, and they have a history of dumping guys right before their breakout year. And we have a history of picking up their trash.
Reason why he’s not: Toronto has a producing hockey player for less than $4M/year, even they can’t screw this up. Can they?

#3 – Nicklas Backstrom 
Currently with: Washington Capitals
Points last year: 18G 47A 65P
Reason why he’s expendable: Because teammates in Washington have recently come out saying that Backstrom doesn’t try hard enough. If your teammates lose confidence in you, it becomes a steady march down trade street – or perhaps to the KHL. The Caps are also over the cap, so they have to dump some salary before the season starts.
Reason why he’s not: $6M/year for the next four seasons. Enough said.

#2 – Joe Pavelski
Currently with: San Jose Sharks
Points last year: 20G 46A 66P
Reason why he’s expendable: Jumbo Joe will always be the number one guy in San Jose. Mini Joe will have to go elsewhere for the opportunity.
Reason why he’s not: The Flames would have to find another half million dollars to make this deal possible. Which isn’t that unrealistic.

#1 – Tuomo Ruutu 
Currently with: Carolina Hurricanes
Points last year: 19G 38A 57P
Reason why he’s expendable: Carolina has two centres already ahead of him on the depth chart in Staal and Skinner. He is also an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year.
Reason why he’s not: He only had 2 more points than Jokinen, so he’s not that much of an improvement points-wise. The Flames would still also need to find a million dollars in cap space somewhere. Sorry Sarich.

There you have it, my money is either Pavelski or Ruutu in a Flames jersey at some point during the year. You guys may as well get both jerseys numbered up now just to make sure you beat the rush.

You’re welcome.


Flames sign Anton Babchuk instead of Richards

09 Jul

I’ve been on holidays, so I’ve been a little out of the loop. From what I’ve heard, Babchuk has resigned for $2.5M/season for two years, and Brad Richards chose New York over Calgary. I can’t possibly imagine why that is? </sarcasm>

Babchuk is what we got for Phaneuf, pretty much player-for-player. So at $5M less per season, and if Anton keeps performing the same level as Dion, then I guess I can’t hate the trade (or this contract). Yes, it would have been nice to have Richards but really… has he been a show stopper the last couple years? Probably not. Or at least not $60M over 9 years’ worth. And rumor has it that the Flames offered him more than that.

I’ll try to figure out what’s going on and update the site if I hear any new news.

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No Richards yet, but Butler signed!

01 Jul

One report says that the Flames have made a presentation to Richards and his agent Friday afternoon. The pitch, apparently, included encouraging words from Jarome Iginla.

Another rumour had them offering Richards a package worth $64 million US over nine years. The Flames have about $7 in cap room left.

Adam Pardy has signed a two-year contract in Dallas for $2 million per season. No word on where Anton Babchuk is going to play next year. And Staios, if anyone is still interested in that.

This is from the Flames’ website:

“On the front of Flames UFA’s, defencemen Anton Babchuk and Adam Pardy had been sent offers before July 1st but neither could come to terms with the club. Pardy signed a two-year deal in Dallas worth $2 million per season while Babchuk is still available.”

The Flames inked restricted free agent Chris Butler to a two-year deal worth $1,250,000 per season and added depth by signing Carter Bancks, Quintin Laing and Joe Piskula.

Feaster did point out that he was pleased that his team had been able to secure a raft of its own unrestricted free agents — including forwards Alex Tanguay and Curtis Glencross, defenceman Brett Carson and goaltender Henrik Karlsson — before Friday.

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It’s draft day! *updated*

24 Jun


Here is the news I’ve heard:

  • The Ryan Smyth to Calgary move cannot happen unless the Flames move someone first to free up some cap room.
  • Speaking of that, Robyn Regher has been asked to waive his no trade clause to go to Buffalo, but no word if he’s agreed to that yet. In return? Flames would get Luke Adam and the Sabres’ 15th overall pick.
  • Can you say a three-way deal with Buffalo and L.A. with Ryan Smyth and Robyn Regher?
  • Alex Tanguay’s agent and the Flames meet again today.
  • The 2011/12 NHL schedule is out. Highlights you ask? Calgary opens the season against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins on Oct 8, and on Friday, March 9 the Winnipeg Jets visit the Dome. That’s right, it’s officially the Jets.
  • Here is a nice tribute to Harley Hotchkiss from the Flames.

I know you’re dying to know what I think. So here goes.

  • Smyth to Calgary? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Why do we need to be the pasture that former stars are put out to? What a waste of money that would be.
  • Regher to Buffalo? Yup, it is time for him to go. I would let him go for a first round pick.
  • Tanguay? I’d rather he stayed, but it depends on the price.
  • The Winnipeg Jets? How could it have been any other name? Although a Jet by any other name will still be golfing in April.
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What the 2011 playoffs will look like!

08 Mar

In the Western Conference anyway…

Western Conference 2011 Playoff Predictor

The formula for figuring this out is quite simple… it’s based on each team’s winning percentage. You take that, along with the amount of games they’ve played to figure out how many ‘points’ they have received in each game. You then multiply that by the number of games they have left and voila! a totally non-mathmatical made-up stat that predicts exactly where everyone will finish! Isn’t speculation fantastic?

Based on this, the Flames would make the playoffs (which I still can’t believe is going to happen) and manage a respectable 6th place. Anyone remember what 14th felt like?

So this would mean that Calgary would play the San Jose Sharks, and I can’t say  hate that matchup. San Jose goes in every year with something to prove, and every year proves the same thing. They can’t win a round.

Standings current as of March 7, 2011


It’s Trade Deadline Day!

28 Feb

Flames only made one deal. They got Freddy Modin from the Thrashers in exchange for a seventh round pick. Let’s be honest, Modin is not going to stop any presses – he’s 35, doesn’t play much, and caps out at a whopping $800,000. This is no longer the 30-goal scorer he was with the Lightning back in 2004. Don’t get excited.

Speaking of not getting excited, Calgary did get defenceman Brett Carson off of waivers from the Carolina Hurricanes. Who – you ask? Well apparently it’s a guy who has spent parts of the last three seasons split between the NHL and the AHL. Maybe you remember the name from Hitmen fame some five years ago. He’s only played 13 games this year, but is an impressive +7. A depth guy, who will play when two of the regular defencemen are hurt. The upside is also that at 26 he brings some experience to Abbotsford.

I guess it’s not surprising that the Flames did little this deadline day. You can’t get draft picks unless you want to give up someone decent. And you can’t give up someone decent and make a legitimate run at the playoffs.

And thus ends Trade Deadline Day 2011, now we can focus on trying to make the playoffs.


You decide

07 Feb

Just to provide an update, because people keep sending in their thoughts regarding who they think will be traded before next season. So my statistically-flawless survey found that:

Miikka Kiprusoff              There is a 28% chance he’ll start on another team next year.
Jarome Iginla                   There is a 24% chance he’ll lead a rival to a Stanley Cup before retirement.
Jay Bouwmeester            There is a 48% chance someone is dumb enough to take on this inflated salary.
Robyn Regehr                   There is a 60% chance that a GM somewhere only remembers the 2004 version of Regehr.

You’re welcome.

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Flames 2 – Oilers 1

01 Jan

Edmonton is so very, very bad. Calgary outshot them 19-3 in the first period. Although I missed it because CBC chose to show the third period of the Pittsburgh/Washington Winter Classic (outdoor game). I guess I can’t complain about that, because who in their right mind would watch Calgary and Edmonton play each other? It’s like watching your retarded half-brother (Kevin Weeks) fight your special-needs sister (Mark Lee) for substandard supremacy in your household.

Anyway, Jay Feaster was on After Hours and said that he didn’t believe in blowing up a team to rebuild. He said that he’d first like to figure out the core of the team – then build around them. After Mark Lee put some words in his mouth it sounded like that core consists of Iginla, Regher, Kiprusoff and Mark Giordano. It was also mentioned (by Kelly Hrudey I think) that there were some mediocre players that Jay needs to spend time evaluating – for about two months – before the trade deadline which is quickly approaching. I think it’s Feb 28.

So the Iginla for Brayden Schenn trade is likely not to happen. Actually it is probably not likely to happen after L.A. caught a glimpse of what he can do during the World Junior Championships. Sounds like Kipper will be around for a while as well, which doesn’t make any sense – why would you want to the Maple Leafs of the West, always battling for 8th place… just enough to get a lousy draft pick?

Oh yeah, I’ve updated the ever-changing Flames line combination, click here for the current line up to see who is playing with whom.

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