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Calgary Flames 5, Ottawa Senators 2 – Flames are .500!

29 Oct

Well now the Flames have won three games in a row, they are back to .500 and Elliot is looking like the goaltender that we all thought we were getting when he was signed this past summer. Have things turned around? Is the system working? And where is T.J. Brodie?

Similar to the first three games of the season, these are another three games. This is why you don’t judge a team by a game or a small body of work, because averages start becoming averages only when you have a good sample size. This is why winning percentage isn’t even worth looking at until you’re 20 games into a season. This is why you can’t look at the standings until you’re at least 10 games in to the season.

I’m sure everyone is aware of this and we all understand that ‘two points at the beginning of the season is the same as two points at the end.’ But really the trick is to maintain a .600 winning percentage and you do that by being as consistent as possible. Streaking teams run out of energy over the course of a year and their fans really don’t want to rely on having one more winning streak than a losing one.

Believe me, it’s draining.

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