Farewell 2015/16 NHL Season, I hardly knew thee

11 Apr

It’s the end of the season and what have we learned?

The Flames can score

The most positive thing I’ve heard about this year’s Calgary Flames is that they have more scoring from players under 22 years old than any other team in the league. Calgary finished 10th in goals for per game (how does that work?). Johnny Gaudreau finished 7th as an individual.

The Flames cannot prevent others from scoring

The Calgary Flames were the worst team in the whole league in goals against. They allowed 3.13 goals/game. That’s awful, the league average is 2.56. Also, Calgary had the worst penalty kill in the NHL at 75.5%. So the secret is really no secret. If you get a goalie who is average, and clean up the penalty kill, you’ll be a playoff team next year.

Individual accomplishments do not equal team wins

Last season there were a lot of players with career years and that was often cited as the reason why Calgary did so well. However this season we had just as many players – if not more – that had career years and Calgary wasn’t even close to the playoffs. They were 10 points out of the playoffs and an amazing 20 points worse than they were last year. Ouch.

It’s fun to begin and end on a high note

The first game of the year and the last (home) game of the year were as good as it got. In the first year the team is undefeated and the fans are all on board. Throughout the season you could notice the bow of the boat getting higher and higher as more and more fans jumped ship. By the end of the year the community had accepted the dismal season as reality, and it was just enjoyable to see Backlund get rewarded with his first career hat trick in a 7-3 drubbing of the almost-as-awful Canucks.

Blog like a champain

The last thing I’ve learned that it was too much for me to update a blog about the Flames every other day during the month of March. You’d be surprised how difficult it was to find 5 minutes, 3 times per week. I think that had the Calgary Flames been destined for the playoffs this week rather than polishing up golf clubs, things may have been different.

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