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Flames 2, Hurricanes 1 (OT) – Feaster fired

14 Dec

Not the most exciting of games, I think I fell asleep and missed the first two minutes of overtime. The best part about this game was Brian McGrattan’s first goal of the year.

More importantly was that GM Jay Feaster was fired by I’m-not-here-to-be-the-GM Brian Burke. I was surprised by the timing, but then I thought that if Brian was here to help orchestrate a rebuild then perhaps this is a plan he’s been working on for months and this just happened to be when he finished it. And why should the executive staff be exempt in a rebuild? They are the ones that put the organization in a position to require one!

Sven Baertschi¬†was also assigned to the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat on Friday. You’ve got to think that this is a test to see how he reacts. If he goes down and works hard then he’ll be back up shortly. If he doesn’t work on “the whole 200 feet of the ice” then he’ll still come up, but just long enough to showcase him for a trade. This guy was supposed to be the face of the franchise just one year ago. If they trade him for nothing it will be a monumental failure. Which is what they are heading towards by sending him down. Bad move. We all know his days are numbered, so why not get him as much exposure as possible? He should be on the top line!

Next up is Buffalo, which if there was ever a game to throw this would be the one.

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