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Bruins 2, Flames 1

11 Dec

This is getting to be a little repetitive. The Flames score first, they have a lead for most of the game. They then blow that lead in the third period. Just the way I like it. Stay in the game for as long as possible, then lose at the end to take a loss in the standings.

Edmonton has actually been on a bit of a roll as of late, and now they are only one point back of Calgary. Calgary is also only one point up on Florida, and just two points up on the Islanders. However pitiful Buffalo is an amazing 10 points back. Wow, that is really quite awful.

Yes, it was Jarome Iginla night. I wasn’t there, and I didn’t realize that I wanted to be there until I saw the opening ceremony.

“It was definitely emotional. I really appreciated the fans. It was a cool feeling and it felt special and the ovation there at the start and then you kind of feel funny out there standing by yourself. Thinking back, I was saying just a bit ago, you think back just trying to make the NHL and then you kind of reflect on all the years being able to play for a great organization here in Calgary and all the fun I’ve had so far in my career. I feel very fortunate and blessed.” — Jarome Iginla

C’est la vie.

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