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Blues 4 – Flames 1

26 Apr

The race of the losers heats up, it’s going to be a real fight to the finish!

24  CALGARY NW 47 19 24 4 42
25  CAROLINA SE 47 19 24 4 42
26  EDMONTON NW 46 17 22 7 41
27  NASHVILLE CEN 47 16 22 9 41
28  TAMPA BAY SE 47 18 25 4 40

Calgary can finish anywhere from 24th to 28th overall, or the 3rd to the 8th overall pick. Third is great, 8th? not quite as great. But you know what they say, you can only take care of your own business. If the Flames lose tonight to Chicago and Carolina, Edmonton, Nashville and Tampa Bay all win? Then we’re sitting pretty. However if any of those teams lose then we will remain ahead of them. Interestingly enough, if Tampa Bay wins and Calgary and Carolina lose, then all three teams will have identical records.

On second thought, Tampa Bay would still be behind Calgary because of the wins in regulation tie-breaker. Carolina and Calgary will still be tied, then it would go to the season series (which didn’t happen), so then it would go to goal differential. Calgary is -30, Carolina is -27 – so we’d win! By win I mean finish below the horrible Hurricanes! Huzzah!

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