Flames 3 – Avalanche 1

09 Apr

The win over the last place Avs puts Calgary in a tie with Florida for 28th. I understand there is a pride thing going on here, and a bunch of minor leaguers trying to show they can play in the best league in the world, but that was one game we probably could afford to lose.

NHL scouts agree – Jones will be No. 1 pick. And did you know they do mock drafts? I had no idea, I guess that’s from years of not drafting in the top 10.

Fun facts of Flames’ futility finding future Flames

  • The last time Calgary had a pick in the top 10 was a decade ago (2003 – Phaneuf, ninth overall).
  • Calgary has never drafted higher than 6th – which they have done three times.
  • The only top 10 pick that Calgary has ever had that became a career NHLer was Cory Stillman (although Phaneuf will be there too, pending injury or stupidity).
  • Best draft pick ever? Al MacInnis at 15th overall in 1981. Second best? Gary Roberts at 12th overall in 1984.
  • Best late round pick turned NHLer (obviously not counting players undrafted or other teams’ picks)? Gary Suter at 180th overall. But props to Theoren Fleury at 166th.
  • Latest pick to make the NHL? German Titov at 252nd overall.
  • Brett Hull was selected 117th overall by the Flames in 1984.
  • On that note, in 1984 the Flames drafted Gary Roberts, Paul Ranheim, Brett Hull, Jiri Hrdina and Gary Suter. Nice scouting that year!
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