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Canucks 5 – Flames 2

08 Apr

The Flames tried their damndest to end a brutal 12-game road losing streak (longest in franchise history) by outshooting Vancouver 38-22, but Miikka Kiprusoff made sure the race to 30th overall was still within reach with another craptasitc performance. Remember at the beginning of the year there was all this talk around if Calgary was going to win at all this year, Miikka would have to be his usual self? Well, Kipper is the worst starting goalie in the league. That’s not my opinion, it’s statistically true.

He’s the worst in save percentage for any goalie who has played more than 10 games this year (.873), and his goals against (3.58) is the worst of any starter. It’s second-worst only to Scott Clemmensen – who is Florida’s number three goalie. Ouch.

Speaking of being one point out of last overall, did you guys know that as of 2013, all 14 lottery teams (teams that missed the playoffs) have a chance to win the first overall selection in the draft? It used to be that you couldn’t move up more than four spots. Now the odds are like so:

30th place: 25.0%
29th place: 18.8%
28th place: 14.2%
27th place: 10.7%
26th place: 8.1%
25th place: 6.2%
24th place: 4.7%
23th place: 3.6%
22th place: 2.7%
21th place: 2.1%
20th place: 1.5%
19th place: 1.1%
18th place: 0.8%
17th place: 0.5%

However, no team can move down more than one position as a result of the Draft Lottery.

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