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Oilers 8 – Flames 2

04 Apr

The Flames put in a real strong performance in their race for 30th overall by giving the Oilers the opportunity to score eight unanswered goals. Yes that’s right. Eight.

It was more than Matt Face-of-the-franchise Stajan could handle, as his slender shoulders can only carry this team so far. Five minutes from the opening faceoff to be exact. The remaining 55 minutes were left to Joey MacDonald, but he couldn’t hang on to a 2-0 lead as he let eight slip by. Yes that’s right. Eight.

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that Joey MacDonald rates 67th in the league in goals against? And Kipper ranks an abysmal 74th? I didn’t even know that there were that many goalies in the league! That means that our two top goalies are worse than all starters AND all backups! AND a half-dozen third stringers!!


But I ask you, is there a stronger contender for the first overall pick right now? I think not.

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