Oilers 4 – Flames 1

03 Apr

And the race for 30th heats up!

The Flames actually didn’t play that bad in this game verses Edmonton. Yeah they gave up 2 goals on 2 shots, but they were pretty good shots. Kipper did give up a soft one though and you can’t give up 3 goals on 5 shots and not get yanked. At one point Calgary was out-shooting Edmonton 10-2 and was losing the game 2-0.

I thought Calgary out-played the Oil for the majority of the game, but that’s hockey I guess. The twelfth-worst team in the league can beat the third-worst team in the league on any given night.

So let’s see how our race for the top pick is stacking up…

28  CALGARY NW 34 13 17 4 30 LOST 2
29  FLORIDA SE 37 12 19 6 30 WON 3
30  COLORADO NW 36 12 20 4 28 LOST 2

We are currently in 28th, but a sudden 3 game winning streak has put us in a tie with Florida for 29th. Only 2 points back are Colorado, but we have a game in hand. But you know what they say, games in hand only count if you lose (when battling for last).

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