Avalanche 5 – Flames 4

01 Mar

Okay, that hurt.

Can anyone remember a time where so were as deflated, absolutely owned by another team? I think Feaster said it best:

“We tried to get [O’Reilly] but it just didn’t happen. Hopefully we can still come out of tonight with two points.”

The Flames jumped out to a three goal lead after the first twenty minutes. Which we were all nervous about, especially after Colorado scored twice in the second to get within one goal. But when Iginla scored to make it four to two, going into the last period you thought there was no way Calgary could blow this. They would get the win, they would move to within two points of a playoff spot, and the sting of not getting a proven two-way centre wouldn’t hurt so much. It wasn’t meant to be.

This was a real turning point for this organization. Now things will change.

  1. Calgary admits to needing help. We all knew it, but this attempted move shows that the organization knows it’s missing something and requires some young talent to get better. 
  2. The playoffs for this year are (likely) not going to happen. We have a trade the few assets we have, Iginla, Kiprusoff, Bouwmeester, for some future players.
  3. The Flames will be very active over the next three weeks heading into the trade deadline. This roster is not good enough to make the post-season next year. Something needs to be done.
  4. The schedule gets much more difficult from here on out. Not being a part of the top eight now means that this team cannot compete with the average team in this conference as it is right now.

Losing O’Reilly was a sign. A sign pointing to rebuilding as the only remaining option. It will be very interesting in this City over the next four weeks and in the summer. Mark my words.

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