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Jarome Iginla traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins

27 Mar

Did you ever think you’d see this day?

Ever since the announcement came out that Iginla was a healthy scratch against the Avalanche, you knew it was done.

Late last night it was announced that Pittsburgh sent the Flames college players Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski as well as the Penguins’ first pick in the 2013 draft for Iginla.

TSN reported early in the night that Boston Bruins defenceman Matt Bartkowski, prospect Alexander Khokhlachev, and a first-round draft pick were headed to the Calgary Flames for Iginla. It had been speculated for quite a while, as Bartkowski is a healthy scratch for the Bruins while Khokhlachev wasn’t in the lineup for Boston’s AHL affiliate in Providence. Serves us all right for listening to Aaron Ward over Bob MacKenzie.

When you look back on this, how we got 16 seasons out of a guy we traded an aging Joe Nieuwendyk for, someone who became our all-time leader in pretty much every offensive category, he doesn’t owe us a thing. If we can get a couple prospects and a 1st round pick for him, I think that’s fair. Plus he’ll be back here in a few months anyway, so what’s the big deal?

As an aside, the Flames beat the Avs 4-3 to stay out of the NHL basement and stay six points out of eighth (with six teams to pass).

Thanks for the memories Iggy!

My favourite Iginla memory is The Shift. Darryl Sutter called it that. He said he had never seen one player dominate an entire team before. It was in the 2004 playoffs against Tampa Bay, in OT, if I remember correctly. Here is a description from YouTube: In Game 5 of the 2004 Cup Finals, Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla had a shift for the ages. He was hooked, held, and had his helmet ripped off. In spite of all that, he persevered and set up the OT winner. It would’ve gone down as one of the all-time great Calgary Flames moments, if they had closed it out in Game 6. As is, its a tribute to the spirit and grit of the greatest player ever to put on a Flames jersey.

Of course setting up the Golden Goal was memorable, but that wasn’t as a Flame. Doesn’t count.


Blackhawks 2 – Flames 0

27 Mar

Well this could have been a lot worse. The Flames were badly outplayed and outshot 35-16, but Miikka “you ain’t gonna trade me” Kiprusoff kept it respectable. But the storyline is, and will be for the next week, what will happen to the Flames before the trade deadline.

It’s interesting that Miikka isn’t interested in a trade – if only for a few month rental. I would think that he would want to go out on a high note, rather than just try to keep the lowly Flames out of the basement. Oh well, good for him for putting his family first.

Iginla on the other hand is in a different situation, he can be a rent-a-player for a few months without having to hurt his family, his team, or his fan-base here in Calgary. I can’t see why this deal does not happen. And Chicago seems like the perfect destination for him.

But who really cares about talk of trading our best player and best goalie this franchise has ever known? I know you’re really interested in seeing how I did with my predictions from the last post!


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Predictions for the next few games

14 Mar

I’m going to miss the next five games, which means two things. I’ve got a lot of PVR to catch up on when I get back, and… prediction time!

  • Fri, Mar 15 vs. Predators – Calgary wins 3-1. Flames have just a shred of confidence at home. They manage a win and rumblings start… it’s not over. Calgary wins 6-3
  • Mon, Mar 18 @ Stars – Flames lose to the Stars 4-2. So much for hope. Stars win 4-3
  • Thu, Mar 21 @ Predators – Calgary loses their second in a row. This one is worse, let’s say 4-1. Nashville wins 5-3
  • Fri, Mar 22 @ Blue Jackets – The Flames stop the bleeding a little bit with a win against a streaking Columbus team. 4-3 in the shootout. Yeah that’s right, the Flames win a shootout game! Columbus wins 5-1
  • Sun, Mar 24 vs. Blues – Calgary loses to St. Louis in style, 5-0. Bad performance all around. Kipper is pulled after letting in 3 in the first period. Joey Mac comes in and lets in 2 in the second. Calgary wins 3-2

So there you have it, over the next 5 games the Flames will go 2-3 and still be in last place when I get back.

So I went 3-2, which is slightly better than the Flames record of 2-3 over the same time frame. 


Flames 5 – Red Wings 2

14 Mar

Call me cynical, but I’m not impressed. Why? Because Jonas Gustavsson was brutal for the Wings. Calgary had 5 goals on 22 shots. Also because Calgary is going to have to win three in a row to make up for the three in a row they dropped in California.

Calgary had goal-scoring from the third line of Glencross, Stepniak and Stajan, as well as from Jay Bouwmeester who’s performing himself right into a trade (let’s hope). Roman Cervenka was scratched, presumably because he was tired and not because of his poor play as of late. Kiprusoff had a great bounce-back game after his couple bad performances during the last road trip.

Detroit had five shots and a goal before the Flames could even muster a shot, but when they did it when in. As did another a few shots later. Good thing for us Jimmy Howard fell ill earlier in the day!

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Kings 3 – Flames 1

12 Mar

And the downward spiral of suckiness continues.

The Flames just didn’t look like they belonged in the same league as L.A. — or Southern California for that matter. Outscored 13-3 in three games? Ouch! That means that a team struggling to get back into the race is 0-5-1 in its last six road games.

Iginla said it best: “This is definitely a big step in the wrong direction.”

Unless that direction is towards the first overall pick, and a rebuild. Sucking is the only requirement of that, and we’ve got that nailed!

Go Flames!

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Kings 6 – Flames 2

09 Mar

Unlike the game against the Ducks the night before, Calgary was never in this one. They scored on a 5 on 3, and in the final seconds of the first, but that was the only sign of life you saw from this team.

Kiprusoff was just awful. He’s let in 10 goals in the past 2 games. Actually there wasn’t anyone in this game I thought played well. Maybe the exception would be the fourth line, which is sad.

Can we stop doing this race for eighth every year yet? Even though you hear the Flames are only 2 points or 4 points out of a playoff spot, you’re only 1 point out of last. And this team looks much more like a last-place team than an eighth-place one. You’re not close to being in the playoffs, you’re close to getting the first pick overall next year.

Which I would take now, because I’m tired of this team.

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Ducks 4 – Flames 0

08 Mar

Calgary actually played pretty well this game, and they also seemed to be getting the bounces. However it seemed like every shot was either blocked or missed, and the ones that got through Viktor Fasth was there. I guess this game just wasn’t meant to be.

Begin mentioned something interesting the first intermission. He said that if they were fast, if they were first to the puck, then they’d get more chances. And that is exactly what happened! However chances does not equal goals. Even though the score didn’t show it, at least the Flames looked like they belonged in the same league as the Ducks.

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Flames 4 – Sharks 1

07 Mar

The return of Kiprusoff and facing another tired opponent using their backup goaltender? this game began with promise.

And surprisingly, Calgary took advantage of it! A tied game heading into the third, the Flames uncharacteristically scored three times (including an empty-net goal) to walk away with a 4-1 win. Iginla scored, Blake Comeau scored (who?), and Calgary moved above .500 for the first time this year! Can someone say race for eighth? Nope, not even close.

At least we’re ahead of Edmonton.


Flames 4 – Canucks 2

04 Mar

That was weird.

The Flames certainly did not bring their best effort to the game last night, yet somehow managed to walk away with two points against perennial President’s Trophy favorites the Vancouver Canucks. Danny Taylor, the Flames’ 4th-string goalie,  looked pretty shaky in net but got his first NHL win with 29 saves on 31 shots. Luckily, Vancouver backup Roberto Luongo looked even more shaky which afforded Calgary to once again get back to 500.

The story of the night was Brian McGrattan’s return to the Flames. After beating down a Canuck you’ve never heard of, he saluted the fans – and got a 10-minute misconduct for it! Apparently Jagr has got a trademark on the move and Brian was penalized for it.


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Avalanche 5 – Flames 4

01 Mar

Okay, that hurt.

Can anyone remember a time where so were as deflated, absolutely owned by another team? I think Feaster said it best:

“We tried to get [O’Reilly] but it just didn’t happen. Hopefully we can still come out of tonight with two points.”

The Flames jumped out to a three goal lead after the first twenty minutes. Which we were all nervous about, especially after Colorado scored twice in the second to get within one goal. But when Iginla scored to make it four to two, going into the last period you thought there was no way Calgary could blow this. They would get the win, they would move to within two points of a playoff spot, and the sting of not getting a proven two-way centre wouldn’t hurt so much. It wasn’t meant to be.

This was a real turning point for this organization. Now things will change.

  1. Calgary admits to needing help. We all knew it, but this attempted move shows that the organization knows it’s missing something and requires some young talent to get better. 
  2. The playoffs for this year are (likely) not going to happen. We have a trade the few assets we have, Iginla, Kiprusoff, Bouwmeester, for some future players.
  3. The Flames will be very active over the next three weeks heading into the trade deadline. This roster is not good enough to make the post-season next year. Something needs to be done.
  4. The schedule gets much more difficult from here on out. Not being a part of the top eight now means that this team cannot compete with the average team in this conference as it is right now.

Losing O’Reilly was a sign. A sign pointing to rebuilding as the only remaining option. It will be very interesting in this City over the next four weeks and in the summer. Mark my words.

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