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Wild 2 – Flames 1 (OT)

27 Feb

The Flames were lucky to come away with a single point in this one. Joey MacDonald held them in this game, the Wild hit two posts and had a goal called back, and Calgary had an absolute horrid power play.

The Flames had a 5 minute power play at the end of the second period and couldn’t generate a shot. They also had a four minute power play in the third and couldn’t add to their one goal lead. Since the beginning of the second period you knew that it was just a matter of time until Minnesota evened things up. We were lucky to get this game to overtime and get the loser point.

With the point Calgary is now 3 points out of a playoff spot, they were two points out before the game began. Stupid three point games.

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Flames 5 – Coyotes 4

25 Feb

The Flames blew and then regained a third-period lead in this game. This was also right in-line with the idea that when Calgary loses, they really lose; but when they win – they just barely eke it out.

This ‘must-win’ as they say, happened in the last minute and a half of the third period. Iggy scored his second of the game to tie it up, and Glenncross (finally) scored a half-minute later to give Calgary the win in regulation. This game had four lead changes in it, I can’t remember the last time that happened.

What people will remember was the strangeness of Matt Stajan’s interference penalty he took while in the penalty box. And on the subsequent powerplay Jay Bouwmeester snuck one past Joey MacDonald. Ouch. The funny thing is if Stajan would have jumped into the guy and knocked him over there would have been no call, you just can’t touch the puck until both skates are on the ice.


Flames 3 – Wild 1

24 Feb

Well I’m glad that Joey MacDonald was able to win that game for us. He’d played well in the previous few games and only had one win to show for his work.

I’m also happy for the guys I usually rip on — Matt Stajan and Jay Bouwmeester — who both played as well as I’ve ever seen. That was probably Matt’s best game ever as a Flame. Come to think of it, most of the team played pretty well. Except it would have been nice if Cammalleri and Giordano could have made their presence felt somehow.

And therein lies the problem. If the team plays well they barely squeak out a win. If they do not, they get hammered. The win got us one point closer to the last playoff spot, so if this team could win a few in a row we’d be right back in there. Is this team capable of that?


Kings 3 – Flames 1

22 Feb

So after a season-low effort against Phoenix the Flames come out with… their second worst game of the year. If it wasn’t for Joey MacDonald, this game would have been way worse. Iginla had a pretty solid game too (8 shots, 1 assist) but other than those two, this team absolutely sucked.

TSN reports that in order to make the playoffs, the Flames have to go 22-11 for the rest of the season. Eleven games over 500? There is no way, this team is not good enough to go on a run like that. And according to, the Flames have a 11% chance of making the playoffs this year.

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Coyotes 4 – Flames 0

20 Feb

Wow did that game ever suck.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a more boring game than that one, not this year for sure. I found myself fast forwarding through the second period, mainly to keep myself from falling asleep. The best part of this game was Danny Taylor playing a solid two periods, but then he kind of fell apart in the third. Calgary just didn’t have any chances or energy, it was really a sad effort all ’round.

The loss means Calgary is 4 points back of the final playoff spot. So by my count they need to rattle off four games in a row to see some headway. They are also 3 points out of last, so lose a couple and you’re once again in the basement.

In other news, Mark Giordano has been fined $10,000, the maximum allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for slew-footing Dallas Stars forward Antoine Roussel in Dallas on Sunday. As a first-time offender, the maximum Giordano could be fined was the lesser of $10,000 or one-half of his daily salary.

So wait… his daily salary is more than $20,000? Cripes. You’d think he’d be playing better hockey for that kind of dough.


Blues 5 – Flames 2; Flames 4 – Stars 3

19 Feb

I’m a bit behind, the site was hacked and taken down. So it’s been restored now but it’ll take me a day to get everything back up to the high level of quality it was before ‘the incident.’

I know what you’re thinking. Thank god the site’s all right.

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Flames 7 – Stars 4

14 Feb

Storylines (to help at the water cooler):

  • Mike Cammalleri comes back into the linup after missing three goals and quickly makes up for his lack of goals this year with a hat trick. The last was Cammy’s 200 career goal.
  • Leland Irving starts his fourth straight. After looking pretty solid in the three previous games yet rewarded with a 1-1-1 record, plays average and comes away with a win.
  • Seven goals is the most that Calgary has scored in years. This year they hadn’t scored more than five, and six held up as the highests since January 2012.
  • The Flames are now 500, 2 points back of Edmonton and 4 points out of eighth. With two games in hand.
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Kiprusoff out two weeks, Joey MacDonald to the rescue!

12 Feb

Calgary Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff will miss another two weeks with a slight Grade 2 MCL sprain. Two more weeks means that Kipper will miss 12 or 25% of the games this season. Is it too soon to write the season off?

Kiprusoff was hurt at the end of the second period Feb. 5 against the Detroit Red Wings, when he and Johan Franzen collided near the net. The Flames claimed veteran goalie Joey MacDonald off waivers to replace Kiprusoff. He will pair with rookie Leland Irving.

Cammy is back, Street has been sent back to Abbotsford. So much movement, you’d better check out the current Calgary line combo page!

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Wild 2 – Flames 1 (SO)

12 Feb

The Flames’ craptastic play at home continued, by once again failing in a shootout. Last night was one of those games where Calgary really played to their opponent, which is something they have been doing a lot this year. Hey Vancouver, you want to run and gun? Okay, but we’re not as good at it as you are. Minnesota… you like the defensive sit-and-wait-for-a-turnover approach? We can do that, but not as good as you can.

No wonder this team is in last place, it’s hard to leapfrog teams when you are playing the game you opponent wants to play – but have a lot more experience with it than you do.

I’m telling you, this season is the non-publicized rebuild of the Flames. Watch in April when we start offloading the few assets we have.

You heard it here first… eat it Francis!

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Canucks 5 – Flames 1

11 Feb

I think that the only surprising part of this game was that the Flames scored first, and were leading after one. I think thing there was a moment during this game that either team, or anyone watching, thought Calgary was going to pull this off. Let’s face it, with Irving in net (although with a save percentage of .879 he has got better stats than Kipper),  no Cammy (who has zero goals this year), no Sven Baertschi (no points this year), and no Mikael Backlund (who’s 4 points in 8 games is the most impressive stat of the four on IR), this is a team who will be hard-pressed not to finish in last place.

But you know what? If you’re going to suck and get the first pick overall, you might as well do it in a shortened lockout season! Maybe that has been Feaster’s plan this whole time?

Not to belabor the point, but out of the 41 goalies in the NHL (with at least four games played), Kipper is rated 39th in save percentage. Ouch.

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