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Brent Sutter and Dave Lowry fired!

15 Apr

From the Calgary Flames press room:

The Calgary Flames announced that Brent Sutter and the organization have reached a mutual agreement to conclude coaching duties. In addition, the contract of assistant coach Dave Lowry will not be renewed.

“Brent Sutter and I met and discussed a number of issues regarding the hockey team and the future,” said Flames general manager Jay Feaster.

JF: “Hey Brent!”

BS: “Yes Jay?”

JF: “I can see into the Flames’ future, and you ain’t in it.”

BS: “Am I being fired?”

JF: “Kind of, pretty harsh eh?”

BS: “Yes, it is.”

JF: “Then we agree on you not being a part of this team. It’s been a pleasure. Oh, and take that Lowry guy with you.”

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Flames 3 – Canucks 2

05 Apr

After two lackluster periods this game was actually pretty exciting. You know, for a game that means absolutely nothing.

Cammy scored two to get to 20, and the Flames handed the Canucks their first regulation loss when leading after two in 129 games — or something insane like that.

One more Flames fans, then we can all have a real long summer break. Go St. Louis! And whoever plays Vancouver!


Canucks 3 – Flames 2 (OT)

03 Apr

I didn’t even watch this game.


Avalanche 3 – Flames 0

03 Apr

Flames suck.


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