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Coyotes 2 – Flames 1 OT

09 Feb

Well the Flames got a point, with their backup goaltender, and got 4 of 6 points on the road. That’s a positive. Calgary has also increased their chance of making the playoffs to a staggering 25%. Which I don’t understand, since there are 5 teams all fighting for one spot and two months left. How does that work?

So even though they went went (essentially) two for three, they still remain in 11th place. Lame.

Here’s a badly Photoshopped photo of Jokinen eating his gotta-getta-goal burger. Craft on 11th actually has one about this size.

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Flames 4 – Sharks 3

09 Feb

This was about as good a road game as you’re going to get. It kind of makes me wonder though, how much will they have left in the tank for the game against Phoenix? That’s a big game, and only one of the mediocre teams can come out on top of the 2-1 inevitable snoozefest.

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Ducks 3 – Flames 2

07 Feb
Ryan Getzlaf hair loss

Ryan Getzlaf cannot power his way through receding hairline.

You know, for a loss that was probably one of the best games I’ve seen for awhile. Reader: please don’t start thinking that these two teams matched up well only because they are equals in mediocrity… don’t take this away from me!

Calgary went down early, down by two in two painful minutes in the first period. The Flames kinda tried to pick it back up, but it was on the Captain’s shoulders¬† (and with a great feed by Olli) to tie things up. This gave Calgary the opportunity to – and this was frustrating to watch – play for the tie. Even though the single point wouldn’t help in the playoff race because Phoenix won. Again, don’t take this away from me!

Anyway, it went to overtime and then a shootout. It took 16 skaters to decide the fate of these two teams, which is one of the longest shootouts I can remember. I didn’t miss any of it because luckily the game was late and I had caught up to real time by the time the PVR ran out. Hooray for technology, hooray for first world problems!


Flames 3 – Blackhawks 1

06 Feb

Calgary beat a struggling (as much as Chicago struggles) Hawks to move to four points out of the final playoff spot. They are tied with Phoenix at 54, would have to leapfrog both Dallas and Colorado to even start to compete with Minnesota for that last playoff spot. Face it Feaster, we are certainly not in a position to “win now.”

This road trip is going to be a big one, and the Flames haven’t had a lot of success in Anaheim or San Jose lately, well… ever.

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Red Wings 3 – Flames 1

01 Feb

The Flames held their own through two periods, but they must have seen the respective clubs’ records when tied after two during the second intermission. The Flames are 4-6 when tied after 40, the Wings 9-2. Detroit came out to win the game and Calgary played not to lose, and that always ends up with the winners winning and losers losing.

Yes, we’re losers. Deal with it. SportsClubStats¬†has our odds of making the playoffs at a measly 15%, and most-likely in 11th place.

Oh yeah, and Lee Stempniak is also injured. Good thing Matt Stajan returned from his mythical ankle injury!

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