Ducks 3 – Flames 2

07 Feb
Ryan Getzlaf hair loss

Ryan Getzlaf cannot power his way through receding hairline.

You know, for a loss that was probably one of the best games I’ve seen for awhile. Reader: please don’t start thinking that these two teams matched up well only because they are equals in mediocrity… don’t take this away from me!

Calgary went down early, down by two in two painful minutes in the first period. The Flames kinda tried to pick it back up, but it was on the Captain’s shoulders  (and with a great feed by Olli) to tie things up. This gave Calgary the opportunity to – and this was frustrating to watch – play for the tie. Even though the single point wouldn’t help in the playoff race because Phoenix won. Again, don’t take this away from me!

Anyway, it went to overtime and then a shootout. It took 16 skaters to decide the fate of these two teams, which is one of the longest shootouts I can remember. I didn’t miss any of it because luckily the game was late and I had caught up to real time by the time the PVR ran out. Hooray for technology, hooray for first world problems!

  1. Head Coach

    February 7, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    “Listen to me Kid, get out now before this happens to you!”