Flames 6 – Devils 3

11 Jan

What a weird game that was…

I’ve often said that the Flames deserved a better fate, when they loose by a goal or two (or three), but this time, they clearly deserved a worse one. This was probably the worst-looking win I’ve seen. The casual fan would look at the boxscore and think “wow, four goals in the first, six goals in all, nine points for the top line, huzzah!” (I imagine causal fans say ‘huzzah!’) But let’s look at what really happened.

  • Marty Brodeur was downright awful. Giving up two goals on five shots to get chased from the game. He let in two real softies. From Bouwmeester and Sarich of all players.
  • Hedberg was not much better, actually he was worse, giving up four goals on nine shots.
  • That’s 14 shots the Flames had. Now you’d think that’s okay, because after scoring four in the first (only one of which should have went in) the Flames chose to defend instead of attack. Or did they?
  • The Flames gave up 38 shots! That’s defending a lead? Holy crap that is some terrible defense. And while they were doing this so-called defending, they gave up three goals.
  • The top lines combined nine points was good for a plus four overall. So they were on the ice for three goals against, including giving up a short-handed goal.
The positives were that Iggy got a gold stick for 500 goals — it was presented by Connie and Lanny — and he followed that up with a Gordie Howe hat trick. Like I said after the Boston 9-0 shellacking, two points are two points, no matter what the score.
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