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Capitals 3 – Flames 1

04 Jan

That’s four games lost in a row. What is it? Are Tanguay and Giordano that important? Is Iggy’s 500th goal that much of a distraction? Are the Flames just no longer motivated? I don’t know, probably a combination of the three. But I do know is that I have no faith in this team.

I will say that the 19 shots doesn’t speak to the chances that Calgary had, they certainly had enough chances. I’d say that they just really need some lucky bounces, but they’ve had them against the Islanders, the Sens, Nashville, and it doesn’t seem to help.

Calgary gets scored on, and you feel like the wind is just sucked out of their sails. Calgary scores first, and you just wait for them to blow it. That 3-goal lead they blew against Ottawa really, really hurt.

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