Canucks 5 – Flames 1

02 Nov

There are usually 2-3 games per year that you’d just like to forget, last night was one of those games. Sometimes these games wake your team up, and sometimes they are indicitive of the type of team you have.

The Flames seemed okay while the score was 0-0, and even 1-0. They were ever-so-close to killing off an extended five-on-three and, at the risk of doing a what-if, if killed off could have turned this game around. Like football, hockey is such a game of momentum.

The top line was nowhere to be found. Ditto the second line. I’m not sure I even know who was on the third line. If there was a bright sopt, it would be Calgary’s fourth line of Jackman, Kostopoulos and Stajan. However if you’re relying on that line to win a game against Vancouver, you’re in serious trouble.

Oh yeah, there were a couple other bright spots, Roberto Luongo, who really could have used a shutout, lost his with just 32 seconds left in the third period. Also, Calgary outshot Vancouver 29-21 in the game, although the Canucks had just 7 shots in the final 40 minutes – after a 3-0 1st period lead. You can’t fault Kipper on the goals, letting in 5 goals on 18 shots is nothing to write home about.

Next up? Detroit. Ah… crap.

  1. Zzzzzzzzz

    November 2, 2011 at 9:50 am

    This game made me physically sick.

    Lack of character, lack of effort and abundance of too many veteran players who are too stuck in their ways that they can’t play Coach Sutter #3’s system.