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Flames 1 – Predators 0

30 Nov

Two in a row, is that enough to save Sutter’s job? I certainly hope not. Although Feaster has said multiple times that getting rid of Brent is not the solution, I can’t imagine what the other options are at this point.

The story of the game was losing Mark Giordano. He blocked a shot, left the game, and was put on injured reserve today. That is not good, not good at all.

Anyway, regarding the game itself it wasn’t horribly exciting. However I’d rather get the two points in the most boring way imaginable, than lose a thriller in the final minute of regulation. Kipper recorded his first shutout of the year, and Calgary won two games in a row for only the second time this year. That’s all I have to say about that.

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Flames 5 – Wild 2

28 Nov

Although the Flames played well (or the Wild just played worse) a 1-3 road trip is simply not acceptable. The Flames reach the quarter-season mark 3 games under .500 and a whopping 8 points out of the final playoff spot. It’s time for some cut bait. What? (you say) Blake Comeau wasn’t a big enough fish?! I’m afraid so, I answer.

If I were Jay Feaster — and I clearly am — I would have set some goals for this season and shared them only with three people/groups. One would be ownership, as in ‘what are you willing to accept?’ Two would be Ken King and that would really be to say that the business side of hockey doesn’t concern me one bit. Three, of course, would be with Brent Sutter.

Of Brent I would have said this: ‘I wanted this team to be at least .500 at 20 games.’ Simple, attainable, neccessary. Last season the Flames were 12 games over .500 and missed the playoffs by three points. The year before that they were 8 points above .500 and missed by 5 points. Do you know how many points you likely need to make the playoffs in the West? About 95 (even though Dallas missed last year with 97 points). Do you know what the Flames must do to get to 95 points after a crappy first quarter? They need 76 points over 60 games, or go something like 32-12-12 for the remainder of the season. That, my friends, is not going to happen.

I agree that firing Sutter isn’t the solution. Just like having a fire sale isn’t the solution. However getting in a new coach with a new message and a new system is the first step towards a possible solution. I do not believe you have any other options at this point. If you can’t start your run now, then the season will be a write-off and you’ll be left with no choice but to dump your aging assets. So choose, fire the coach, have a fire sale, or tinker and be six games under .500 at the halfway mark. I’m really hoping expecting the Flames make the move today, I’m not sure I can watch this team struggle with themselves anymore.

If the Caps can do it, so can we. Dig deep Feaster.

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Blues 2 – Flames 0

26 Nov

Totally expect this sort of effort out of the Flames, so the losses no longer surprise me. I’m just waiting for Feaster to let Sutter go, so we can start rebuilding. Let’s get rid of some of the old guys and pick up some youth. Either way we are going to miss the playoffs, we may as well save some money doing so.

I thought the Blake Comeau move was a good one, since he was claimed off waivers it’s virtually no risk. Although I’m not sure that Calgary is the “change of scenery” he needs to get back to being a 20-goal guy. We destroy players like that, not build them. I think the scenery between the Island and Calgary is mighty similar.

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Red Wings 5 – Flames 3

24 Nov

And that should just about end the tenure of current head coach, Brent Sutter. I hope that Curtis Glencross feels somewhat responsible.

Last night after goals from Iginla and Jokinen and some huge saves from Kiprusoff, Mark Giordano and Curtis Glencross took penalties with eight minutes left to give Detroit a 5 on 3 for nearly 1.5 minutes. The game was tied at 3-3 at that point, and two quick goals from the Red Wings PP means that the best Calgary can hope for now is to go .500 on this road trip. The tipping point (for me anyway) was this trip, and winning 3 of 4 on the road.

The rumour gained some ground after the Columbus game when these two things happened. Jarome Iginla and Brent Sutter seemed to not fully understand each other regarding the direction the captain is currently headed in his career, and that team president Ken King flew from Calgary to join the team for the rest of the trip. Now I can’t think Jay Feaster would let Sutter go during a trip, so I’m betting that the coaching end-date of Brent’s time here is November 28. That’s my prediction.

Even though Feaster just said Tuesday that firing Sutter is not the solution. I agree that it’s not the solution, but it’s the only option the team has available right now.

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Blue Jackets 4 – Flames 1

22 Nov

Brent Sutter and Faint Axe

As expected, the Flames came out stinking in the first period and lost this game in the first 7 minutes, against the worst team in the league. It was embarrassing to watch Jarome Iginla stand in the slot of his own zone and watch Columbus score what would become the eventual game-winner. Embarrassing. Since I really beleive that this team had to win 3 out of 4 on this road trip to gain a little momentum, there is only one other option.

But hey, they could still win three in a row, right? It’s three in a row or Sutter’s got to go! Hey Hey, Ho Ho! The Sutter riegn has got to go!

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Flames 5 – Blackhawks 2

19 Nov

Although it was great to have the Flames score some goals and get the win (against the best team in the NHL), I’m not impressed. Why not? Because Kipper make a few spectacular saves early in this game when karma was still looking for an eventual winner. Because the Flames have lost more than they won lately so they were due. What will impress me is if the Flames can beat the worst team in the league now in Columbus, then Detroit. If the Flames can go 3-1 on this road trip, then maybe I’ll start gaining faith again.

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Senators 3 – Flames 1

16 Nov

You win some, you lose… more?

This team is sure getting frustrating to watch. I could count on one hand the amount of games in the past decade that I’ve gone without watching. I’ve already skipped one game this year because I just can’t watch this team struggle with futility. After this game, I’m thinking hard about whether or not I want to watch the next game.

If it wasn’t for two guys, Roman Horak and Derek Smith, I would definitely choose to turn it off. If they loose again, I will.

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Nik Hagman no longer a Flame

15 Nov

At the town hall in September, Jay Feaster was asked straight-up by one of the Flames’ loyalists “Who do you think will be the surprise player of the year?”

Feaster didn’t hesitate, “Niklas Hagman,” he said. And the crowd laughed.

“No really,” said Jay, and he went on to explain how Hagman was really disappointed in himself and that this year will be different.

Well, it wasn’t. After being put on waivers last week and sent down to Abbotsford of the AHL, Hagman was claimed on re-entry wavers by the Anaheim Ducks. Anaheim and Calgary will split the remainder of his US$3-million salary this season.

Flames general manager Jay Feaster said he met with Hagman last week to tell him he was trying to complete a trade but no one was willing to take on his contract.

“I advised Nik that upon clearing waivers we would place him on re-entry waivers and I gave him permission to speak with other teams,” Feaster said in a statement Monday. “We are pleased for Nik that he was claimed and we wish him well.”

Feaster said Hagman did not fit in the team’s plans for the future.

My, how times do change.

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Flames 4 – Avalanche 3

14 Nov

Whew, that was close. Way to close a game for one that Calgary lead 4-0 at one point. The Flames were outshot in the game 39-20, and the weird record (outshot = win) continues.

The Flames now have a shot at getting to .500 – for only the second time this year – when they face the equally-feable Senators on Tuesday night.

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Blackhawks 4 – Calgary 1

12 Nov

The Flames seemed too slow to forecheck, and the Hawks cannot be sucked in to the gritty game that Calgary (apparently) used to call ‘it’s style.’ Maybe the bounces just aren’t going their way, or maybe this is how good this team is – a .500 hockey team.

I can’t recall a single good goal off the rush all year, and I certainly have no confidence in the power-play. Although I don’t know how you’re going to solve it either, Turris? I doubt it.

The only interesting note about this game is that Jay Feaster’s “comeback kid of the year” Nik Hagman has been sent to the minors.

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