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Backlund breaks finger, out 6 weeks

04 Oct

Well that changes the lineups a bit…

Check out the opening day lineup any time of the year on the Calgary Flames current line combinations page. Here’s what Saturday’s opener against the Penguins will look like.

First line Tanguay, Alex Moss, David Iginla, Jarome
Second line Glencross, Curtis Jokinen, Olli Stempniak, Lee
Third line Hagman, Niklas Horak, Roman Bourque, Rene
Fourth line Jackman, Tim Stajan, Matt Kostopoulos, Tom
First pairing Giordano, Mark Bouwmeester, Jay
Second pairing Hannan, Scott Babchuk, Anton
Third pairing Butler, Chris Sarich, Cory
Starter Kiprusoff, Miikka
Backup Karlsson, Henrik
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Calgary Flames final* roster

03 Oct

The final roster will be announced on Wednesday, but because of some injuries and being only four players above the required 23-man roster, we have a pretty good idea of what this team will look like come October 8th.

I really didn’t want to see Roman Horak cut, especially to give Matt Stajan his (potential) spot. But you (and Feaster) have to make decisions with your head, not your gut or your heart.

I also haven’t heard anything about Ivanans, but the Flames have him on their website as no longer injured. With the suspension to Letourneau-Leblond Ivanans is likely to fill in on the fourth line. Unless of course Bourque is ready to go for the start of the year, which Sutter says he will be, and then Stempniak will be bumped to the third line, Jackman to the fourth, and Ivanans will sit.

*not actually final

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