Rangers 3 – Flames 2 (OT)

21 Oct

Ouch. Rangers scored with 2 seconds left in overtime to get the extra point. After more than 45 minutes of scoreless hockey, I think most of us thought this was going to a shootout for sure.

I thought Karlsson played well, as the Sun points out “the lanky goalie provided a strong 26-save performance, spoiled by a unlucky bounce with just two seconds remaining in overtime.” But as we know, the Sun is more than a little biased.

Tim Erixon was booed by fans, as hoped, and he didn’t play outstanding which was a good thing. Nothing worse that booing a guy who scores two goals and beats up your captain (which didn’t happen).

Iggy played well, and with the goal means that he needs only one goal over the next 10 games to have a better start to the season than last year. And last year he had 43 goals.

“The guys played hard,” Iginla said. “Guys were ready. We had some good chances. Style-wise and game-wise that’s the way we want to play.”


  1. Zzzzzzzzz

    October 21, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    ‘Style-wise that’s the way the we want to play.’

    Yikes Iggy, b/c you guys are really freakin’ boring to watch this year … not to mention really frustratingly inconsistent and sloppy.

    Although I did enjoy seeing ex-Flamex2 Brandon Prust score a shortie and then a few seconds later the TV shot of Brent Sutter (aka Coach Sutter #3) clearly mouth something along the lines of “I’ve seen enough of this Fuc*&@n’ Bulls*^$t.”

    Which is kind of the way I feel so far this year too. And we haven’t even hit the 10 game mark? Yikes, Iggy.