Blues 5 – Flames 2

11 Oct

I had this dream on Sunday night that Calgary played St. Louis on Thanksgiving Monday and scored 4 goals in the first period. When I awoke I thought that I should give Vegas a call and put down some money on this obvious sure thing. But I don’t know the phone number for Vegas, so I had to just wait for the game to prove my premonition. Boy, am I ever glad Vegas doesn’t have a hotline.

Like Saturday, the Flames mustered a pretty pathetic number of shots – 17. Seventeen… verses 35 shots allowed on backup Henrik Karlsson. Karlsson had a couple good saves, but also let in a couple really crap goals. And at the other end of the ice Halak looked awful, and St. Louis still won the game.

So the Flames are off to a rip-roarin’ 0-2 start to begin the campaign. They’ve been outscored 10-5 in those two games, games which they’ve scored first in. Hey, at least we’re ahead of Columbus!

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