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Flames 3 – Blues 1

29 Oct

For the first time this year, the Flames score first AND win in the same game. Unfortunately I missed the first two periods because there was some sort of baseball game on and Sportsnet felt like that took priority over the Calgary / St. Louis game.

The one problem with PVRs is that if programming changes, you don’t know about it until you go back to watch whatever it was you’ve recorded. It happens once or twice a year.

It’s nice to know that when the team isn’t at their best, Kipper can still steal a game (or two) for the team.


Flames 4 – Colorado 2

27 Oct

The Flames had 21 shots in the first period of this game, I’m not sure I can remember a 20+ shot period out of this team. The trouble is, they were tied or losing for all of the period. After scoring a couple in the second (on seven shots) the Flames held on with 14 shots in the remaining 40 minutes. The Avs had 20 shots in the third.

The highlights had to be Roman Horak’s first NHL goal, Lee Stempniak’s first goal as a Flame and the Rene Bourque automatic goal, because he had a breakaway with an empty net. And Miikka Kiprusoff celebrated his 35th birthday by ending Colorado’s perfect start on the road.

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Calgary Flames’ new line combinations

25 Oct

There has been some shuffling around, and here is what the new lines look like heading into the Wednesday game against Colorado.

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Predators 2 – Flames 0

22 Oct

The Flames outshot Nashville 33-14 this afternoon, but just couldn’t buy a goal. So you can’t even be upset at a game like this, because Calgary really did outplay their opponent, they didn’t make any glaring mistakes, and all four lines were rolling. On this weird 2:00 start, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

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Rangers 3 – Flames 2 (OT)

21 Oct

Ouch. Rangers scored with 2 seconds left in overtime to get the extra point. After more than 45 minutes of scoreless hockey, I think most of us thought this was going to a shootout for sure.

I thought Karlsson played well, as the Sun points out “the lanky goalie provided a strong 26-save performance, spoiled by a unlucky bounce with just two seconds remaining in overtime.” But as we know, the Sun is more than a little biased.

Tim Erixon was booed by fans, as hoped, and he didn’t play outstanding which was a good thing. Nothing worse that booing a guy who scores two goals and beats up your captain (which didn’t happen).

Iggy played well, and with the goal means that he needs only one goal over the next 10 games to have a better start to the season than last year. And last year he had 43 goals.

“The guys played hard,” Iginla said. “Guys were ready. We had some good chances. Style-wise and game-wise that’s the way we want to play.”



Flames 2 – Oilers 1

19 Oct

A few observations from last night’s game:

  • When Robb Kerr says “in terms of structure, both teams are bringin’ it!” what he means is “the skill level of these two teams will ensure that there is a lot of time spent in the neutral zone missing passes and circling back!” Was that the most boring first period you’ve ever seen? Holy moly.
  • The Flames are now winless when scoring first 0-3 and unbeaten when being scored on first 2-0. Weird.
  • Jay Bouwmeester has only one level of excited — not.
  • I thought that Jokinen, Hagman, Jackman, Iginla and Kiprusoff all came to play; Tanguay, Moss, Butler did not.
  • This game was very nearly a disaster. Although the Flames had pressure for most of the second and third periods you really got the feeling like it just wasn’t going to work for them on this night. Good thing it was against Edmonton, and not an NHL franchise.
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Flames 4 – Canadiens 1

14 Oct

Despite the score, the Flames only had 21 shots in the game (Montreal had 36), which makes it their most shots this year. The Flames had just eight shots in the final 40 minutes of the game, and one shot in the third period. But I guess that is acceptable since they were sitting on a 4-1 lead at that point.

Curtis Glencross didn’t register a point, but was probably the second-most impactful player after Bourque. Oh, and Kipper didn’t play too badly either. Calgary scorers included Moss, Hagman and Bourque with 2. The Flames went 2/4 on the power play and 4/4 on the penalty kill. Babchuk was a healthy scratch. That’s your ‘game in a minute.’

Miikka Kiprusoff notched his 263rd win in a Calgary jersey in his 483rd game, passing Vernon despite playing 43 fewer games.

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Blues 5 – Flames 2

11 Oct

I had this dream on Sunday night that Calgary played St. Louis on Thanksgiving Monday and scored 4 goals in the first period. When I awoke I thought that I should give Vegas a call and put down some money on this obvious sure thing. But I don’t know the phone number for Vegas, so I had to just wait for the game to prove my premonition. Boy, am I ever glad Vegas doesn’t have a hotline.

Like Saturday, the Flames mustered a pretty pathetic number of shots – 17. Seventeen… verses 35 shots allowed on backup Henrik Karlsson. Karlsson had a couple good saves, but also let in a couple really crap goals. And at the other end of the ice Halak looked awful, and St. Louis still won the game.

So the Flames are off to a rip-roarin’ 0-2 start to begin the campaign. They’ve been outscored 10-5 in those two games, games which they’ve scored first in. Hey, at least we’re ahead of Columbus!

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Penguins 5 – Flames 3

09 Oct

And we’re off!

Actually the Flames were off. They took the whole second period off. After a good opening period (riding the momentum of the crowd), Calgary disappeared and had four goals against in the second period. The Flames had just 9 shots through two periods and although scored twice to at least make things interesting in the last few minutes of the game, couldn’t recover from the poor second period.

I thought that Iggy looked fine (although  -2 on the night), Glencross, Hagman (before he took a header into the post and Giordano also looked okay for the first game of the season.

Tanguay, Kiprusoff, Jokinen all looked – well – let’s say less-than fine.

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It’s prediction time!

07 Oct

Who doesn’t love 2011-12 NHL prediction time? I love predictions, even if they are always wrong! So here we go…

  1. Yahoo has the Flames as second in the Northwest Division, although that doesn’t necessarily mean a playoff spot.
  2. Some random guy with a blog has the Flames as eighth in the Western Conference. And random bloggers always know best.
  3. The Bleacher Report has the Flames as a very sad-looking 13th in the West.
  4. Islander Hockey blog has a similar stance as I do, that Calgary will once again be oh-so-close.
  5. Puck me please also has Calgary in ninth.

As for me? I’m going to predict that the Flames will compete with the Blues, Blue Jackets, Stars and Wild for the last two playoff spots. Five teams, two spots. Yikes.

Here is my Western Conference final prediction (I don’t really care for the East), sorry once again Calgary fans:

  1. Vancouver Canucks
  2. San Jose Sharks
  3. Detroit Red Wings
  4. Chicago Blackhawks
  5. Los Angeles Kings
  6. Anaheim Ducks
  7. Nashville Predators
  8. St. Louis Blues
  9. Calgary Flames
  10. Dallas Stars
  11. Columbus Blue Jackets
  12. Minnesota Wild
  13. Colorado Avalanche
  14. Edmonton Oilers
  15. Phoenix Coyotes
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