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Peter Loubardias let go, Rob Kerr takes over play-by-play

21 Jul

Peter Loubardias let go? Cripes! After spending a couple years getting used to that terrible timbre of his, I have realizied that Peter was one of the best play-by-play guys I’ve heard. This is too bad, because we were lucky to have him. That said, I think Robb Kerr knows more about hockey than than even me (yeah, shocking!) and he’ll make a great play-by-play guy. Except when there’s a fight. Not cool Rob, that’s not cool.

Rob Kerr will move up to the Rogers Sportsnet broadcast booth for the 2011-12 regular season after serving eight years as the host of the Flames on Sportsnet Radio The Fan 960. Kerr will take over for Peter Loubardias, who was let go last week by Sportsnet. <full story>