Alright, another team to hate!

01 Jun

How great is it that we now have a team that we can love to hate? For all the complaining about the Oil, Canuckleheads and the ignorant Leaf fan – wouldn’t you much prefer the emotion associated with that as compared with another game in Georgia in front of 10,000 people who couldn’t get Braves tickets?

I’m excited about the NHL coming back to Winnipeg, and not just because the Flames will get a slightly easier travel schedule and will get to face a team that has a long history of suck more often, but because it’s great to get another team in Canada. Especially so close to (relatively) to home, even though it sounds like the Jets (or whatever the new team name will be) will be a Southeastern Division team for at least one more year. Enjoy Winterpeg you teams from Florida!

Kudos to the Peg’s Golden Business Boy David Thomson for stepping up and taking what will be a huge finiacial loss to do something for the City. This calls for a little Weakerthans (I can’t wait for this song to play in every Calgary/Winnipeg warmup).

A tribute to One Great City.

Late afternoon another day is nearly done.
A darker grey is breaking through a lighter one.
A thousand sharpened elbows in the Underground.
That hollow hurried sound, of feet on polished floor,
and in the dollar store the clerk is closing up
and counting loonies trying not to say,
I hate Winnipeg.

The driver checks the mirror seven minutes late.
Crowded riders’ restlessness enunciates
The Guess Who suck, the Jets were lousy anyway.
The same mood every day,
and in the turning lane
someone’s stalled again,
he’s talking to himself,
and hears the price of gas repeat his phrase,
I hate Winnipeg.

Up above us all,
leaning into sky,
our golden business boy,
will watch the north end die,
and sing ‘i love this town’
then let his arching wrecking ball proclaim:
I. Hate. Winnipeg.

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