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Modin announces retirement

19 May

Freddy Modin announced his retirement today, much to fanfare of nothing and no one. What did he play? 6 games? Let me check… nope, four. Four games. In those four games he recorded no goals and no assists for no points. Plus he racked up a whopping 2 minutes in penalties. Oh how he will be missed.

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Glencross signs four-year, $10.2M deal, Feaster becomes ‘Actual’ GM

17 May

While I don’t think anyone was surprised by Jay Feaster’s ‘Oh-by-the-way-I’m-now-your-GM’ announcement, I have to say that I am surprised with Curtis Glencross’¬†four-year, $US10.2-million deal with the Flames. For a few reasons…

  1. He’s had one 24-goal season and two inconsistant 13 & 15-goal seaons prior to that. Before that, he had two seasons where he couldn’t even consistantly crack the Oilers and Blue Jackets’ line-ups. Does this sound worthy of a 4-year deal?
  2. After all the complaining about how hard it was to mange a team with so many players with No Movement Clauses, you give another player a NMC. Again, to a player you defined at the beginning of last season as ‘inconsistant.’
  3. It’s not like he’s the youngest of players, he’ll be turning 29 this season. So one — maybe two — 20-goal seasons out of him and then you’re again paying $2.5 for someone to play in Abbotsford? That ain’t right. Maybe he can take over Kotalik’s rental agreement?
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