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Flames 6 – Oilers 1

07 Apr

It's over!

Although it was a dominating performance by the Flames, and Iginla in particular (notched his 12th career hat trick), the season is longer than a few good months. It has a beginning (Flames went 13-22 in October/November), a middle (that went quite well), and an end (6-8 in March). After three months of the season you’re sitting 11 games under 500? No phenomenal record in the remaining three months is going to save you. If you count the loser points as actual losses – the way it should be – then this team will finish the season as a 500 hockey team.

It is time to blow this team up and start again (although I think ‘starting again’ includes Iginla).

Would you like to hear a depressing fact? Other than the miracle run in 2004, this team has not won a playoff round since winning the Cup in 89 – that was 22 years ago! They have missed the playoffs 10 times, and lost in the first round 8 times. Ouch.