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Ryan Macgill let go

28 Apr

Dave Lowry is the only Assistant Coach to remain. Although you can’t really be surprised by any of this, because all Assistants except for Lowry had contracts that expired this year.

If other Flames news…



Assistant coaches Rob Cookson and Jamie McLennan let go

19 Apr

In playoff season (when you’re not a part of it) you have to find Calgary Flames news wherever you can. This is a real stretch because McLennan has been offered another job in the organization, so it’s really a demotion more than anything. Plus he didn’t have a contract next year anyway, so… this is what you get for news. Rob Cookson on the other hand has been an assistant coach for nine years, so that’s more of a story. However the Flames have to do a lot more than not continuing assistant coach contracts if they are going to be in the playoffs next year. Just think, that could be us getting our asses handed to us by Vancouver instead of Chicago!


Flames contract status

12 Apr

This is just a status of contracts update, I’ll add thoughts when I stop being angry at the too-early golf season.

“The Flames philosophy since making a run to the Stanley Cup in 2004 has been to be competitive, to be a playoff team.” – From the Calgary Flames official website. The Flames haven’t won a round in the playoffs since that philosophy was adopted – perhaps it’s time for a new one.

2011-12 Salary Under contract Through
$7,000,000 2012-13
$4,500,000 2011-12
$4,500,000 2013-14
$4,000,000 2015-16
$3,000,000 2011-12
$3,000,000 2011-12
$1,300,000 2011-12
$787,500 2011-12
$1,100,000 2011-12
$600,000 2011-12
$550,000 2011-12
$6,600,000 2013-14
$4,000,000 2012-13
$3,300,000 2011-12
$4,600,000 2015-16
$6,000,000 2013-14

Canucks 3 – Flames 2 (OT)

10 Apr

Game 82. Flames blow a 2 goal lead to lose to the Canucks in OT. I understand that Calgary had nothing really to play for, but Vancouver had even less to play for – if that’s possible.

So now begins the long process of the what-went-wrong talks and whose-fault-was-that. This round of finger pointing shall begin withe exit interviews of staff and players. Then the fate of Jay Feaster will be decided. But if he wasn’t the answer, why would he be the one doing the exit interviews? How slow do you think we are Mr. King?

Oh right. One year of playoff success in 22 years, and ticket prices keep going up. Failure = success. Just think of how well this team would do as a business if they were actually patient enough to rebuild?

Over the summer I’ll post news and rumours as I hear them, and we’ll forget this past season (except for the 1,000 point goal), and we’ll all get ignorantly excited for 2011/12. Enjoy golf everyone.


Flames 6 – Oilers 1

07 Apr

It's over!

Although it was a dominating performance by the Flames, and Iginla in particular (notched his 12th career hat trick), the season is longer than a few good months. It has a beginning (Flames went 13-22 in October/November), a middle (that went quite well), and an end (6-8 in March). After three months of the season you’re sitting 11 games under 500? No phenomenal record in the remaining three months is going to save you. If you count the loser points as actual losses – the way it should be – then this team will finish the season as a 500 hockey team.

It is time to blow this team up and start again (although I think ‘starting again’ includes Iginla).

Would you like to hear a depressing fact? Other than the miracle run in 2004, this team has not won a playoff round since winning the Cup in 89 – that was 22 years ago! They have missed the playoffs 10 times, and lost in the first round 8 times. Ouch.


Tribute to Jarome Iginla

05 Apr

Here is a really great post by Ryan Lambert on the Puck Daddy Blog. When all is said and done, the only thing that Calgary Flames fans will remember of this year is this goal. Check out the post.

What We Learned: Jarome Iginla reminds us why he’s an NHL legend


Flames 2 – Avalanche 1

04 Apr

I can’t say I remember if I’ve written this season that Miikka Kiprusoff won a game on his own, but that’s exactly what happened last night. The Flames had a good start to the game, but then spent half the first and all of the second giving Colorado odd-man rushes and rebounds a-plenty.

The win keeps the Flames’ very, very faint playoff hopes alive for one more day. Chicago has back-to-back games against the Wings, so that’s the two games in hand they have. Calgary needs Detroit to sweep that, plus have either St. Louis or Montreal beat the Hawks in one of those two remaining games. PLUS, the Flames need Colorado to win their games against Dallas to keep them 2 points behind. We need the Avs to win two games in a row? Uh oh.


Flames 3 – Blues 2 – Iggy scores 1000th point

02 Apr

After (another) slow start the Flames managed to stage another comeback in a game that didn’t mean anything. Calgary was down 2-0 in the second period before Iginla notched his 38th goal of the season, and 998th point of his career. Then Iggy assisted on Tanguay’s game-tying goal, which was a beautiful 2-on-1 play. Then in the third, this happened…

So even though the Flames are out of it, at least we had something to cheer for. Actually two things, because the return of Langkow happened in this game as well. He started the game on the fourth line, and finished on the first. You could see he tired easily, but it’s been over a year so I guess that’s to be expected.

So here’s hoping that Iginla gets to 40 goals, which will be only the second time he’s gotten there since the lockout, six years ago.

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