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What the 2011 playoffs will look like!

08 Mar

In the Western Conference anyway…

Western Conference 2011 Playoff Predictor

The formula for figuring this out is quite simple… it’s based on each team’s winning percentage. You take that, along with the amount of games they’ve played to figure out how many ‘points’ they have received in each game. You then multiply that by the number of games they have left and voila! a totally non-mathmatical made-up stat that predicts exactly where everyone will finish! Isn’t speculation fantastic?

Based on this, the Flames would make the playoffs (which I still can’t believe is going to happen) and manage a respectable 6th place. Anyone remember what 14th felt like?

So this would mean that Calgary would play the San Jose Sharks, and I can’t say  hate that matchup. San Jose goes in every year with something to prove, and every year proves the same thing. They can’t win a round.

Standings current as of March 7, 2011


Flames 3 – Predators 2

07 Mar
That was another close one. I have to say that the last two games have probably been the most exciting hockey I’ve watched (the Flames play) all year. One wonders if the team can keep this up for another 15 – and hopefully more – games.
But other than a huge two points, the story had to be the list. Gartner. Jagr. Esposito. Gretzky. Hull. Dionne. Bossy. Kurri. Sittler. Iginla. I didn’t actually think much of the record at first, honestly I remember thinking more like ‘how come Iggy doesn’t score 40 any more?’ But looking at that list, how can you not be impressed?
Like look at this mullet! and this stash! and this feather! and this ‘fro!
Jaromir Jagr
Mike Gartner

Brett Hull
Darryl Sittler
Darryl Sittler


Jarome Iginla

Jarome Iginla's non-haircut

So the only thing now separating Jarome Iginla from the this group – all of which are Hall of Famers – is that truely elite level of hockey hair.

I mean, come on Iggy, really?


Flames 4 – Blue Jackets 3

04 Mar

That was one of the more entertaining regular season games I’ve seen in quite some time. Columbus was fighting for their lives (pretty much) just like St. Louis was in their back-to-back games against Calgary. And the Flames won when they had to, something you haven’t seen in a while from this team. Years actually.

Anyway, the game. Two penalty shots stopped by Kipper, who won this game for them. Rick Nash did everything he possibly could to help his team, but just couldn’t solve the Kipernator. I thought Russel also had a heck of a game for the Blue Jackets. But the better game was had by the likes of Olli Jokinen (no jokin’), Glenn Crossbar, and the captain – who is playing as good now as I can remember in the past few years.

Next up? Nashville, in yet another crucial game for the Flames.

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Blackhawks 6 – Flames 4

03 Mar

I was actually kind of impressed that the Flames of today could take a period off against the Hawks and still manage to make things interesting. If this were last year we’d be looking at a 6-1 final. No 5-1, because the last goal was an empty-netter.

The real story of this game was injuries. Morrison looked seriously hurt, and it looked like a knee – which is bad news for old guys. Giordano also took a pretty good shot, but I think he only missed one shift. Hagman got rocked, for some reason he thought it safe to stand in the middle of the ice and spin around. Looked like a shoulder, but he returned. Sarich got a skate across the face, while he was in the middle of taking a penalty. Oh the nerve of Jonathan Toews.

This was a game that looked tough on the schedule, and you aren’t going to win them all, so it’s almost okay. However the games Friday against Columbus and Sunday against Nashville are games that Calgary needs.


Flames 6 – Blues 0… and the reason why you’ll miss the first period of the game tonight

02 Mar

For a second straight game the Flames shut out the Blues. And it happened in a gush of goals in the third, five goals to define ‘gush.’ In eight shots. I guess tall doesn’t always equal good in the goaltending department.

I’m really surprised that we didn’t see more out of St. Louis last night, because this was their last legitimate chance to make a run for the playoffs. It seemed like after Bishop gave up that second goal they all collectively agreed that their season was over. That’s it. Show’s over. Everybody please leave.

And as incredible as this streak is, they are only an Anaheim two-game winning streak away from 11th. I know, I should be more positive.

Speaking of positive coverage, did you see the story about the Flames on the Onion?

Speaking of negaitve coverage, did you hear how TSN and the NHL are not allowing SportsNet to broadcast the first 30 minutes of the Flames game tonight?

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