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Ducks 4 – Flames 2

31 Mar

Remember that time when we could have won the Cup, but the goal was not reviewed?

Well last night was not nearly as important a game as that one was, but the Flames’ season was riding on getting a regulation win against Anaheim.

Here is the breakdown from TSN regarding the non-goal that would have tied the game at twos.

Ryan Getzlaf denied hiding the puck, but of course he’s going to… I would. We all would.

But what bothers me most is that there was no call on the ice, the rule is that you need conclusive video evidence to overturn the call on the ice. But there wasn’t a call on the ice. Gord Dwyer just put his hands in the air. I’m pretty sure that’s not a signal. That’s politely asking everyone around to just calm down a moment, I’ve got to think.

And no video evidence will ever be conclusive enough to be able to overturn incompetence.