Kings 2 – Flames 1 (SO)

22 Mar

The Fat Lady is getting readyThis game was pretty exciting for 50 minutes of 0-0 hockey. It’s too bad that the Flames couldn’t win in regulation to at least keep up the appearance that there is an outside chance of making the playoffs. However that chance now sits at 20%, which is the same percentage of making the post-season as Calgary had back in November, when they were 4 points under 500 and before they went on a two-month tear at a .750 win percentage.

It’s going to take a 6-0-1 record now to make it, and there is a fat chance that’s going to happen. Enjoy the last seven games everyone!

  1. Zzzzzzzzz

    March 22, 2011 at 10:24 am

    My worst fear has become reality … Calgary has become the Leafs of the West (and we didn’t even need Dion to acheive that).

    Five losses in the last six games is too much, too late. Plus, those six points gift-wrapped to Minnesota earlier this year sure would have come in handy right about now.

    At least it has become completely obvious to Feaster now that there are too many underacheivers on this roster.

    There’s always next year Leaf fans … er, I mean Flames fans.

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