Ducks 5 – Flames 4 (OT)

21 Mar

So much could be said about this game. The Flames gave up three early goals and came back to tie the game, Iginla, Glen Crossbar and Bourque all played great, Karlsson replaced Kipper and brought with him his uncomfortably-stored horseshoe, and the Flames couldn’t hang on and blew a one-goal lead against Anaheim with under 3 minutes to go. Again.

And with that, the season ended.

While it just seemed like one point, the Flames needed to take both games against Anaheim to make the playoffs. Getting one point is 500 hockey and 500 hockey isn’t good enough. Plus the Ducks are the team you can’t have getting extra points. The other is Nashville, who also won. Season = over.

For an example of how difficult it is to get points at this time of the year, the Flames were sitting 8th after their win against Colorado. The one point from last night moved them to 10th. (Huh?)

Of Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and Anaheim. The Flames need two of these teams to tank, and Calgary needs to win 6 of 8 to even have a shot.

Feaster should have blown up this team while he had the chance. Now, all that people will remember is that we battled valiantly for three months for 9th place.

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