Flames 5 – Avalanche 2

17 Mar

People say that you can’t ever expect to win, but I fully expected to with this game. Colorado was 1-17-2 going into it, and Calgary was desperate for a win after losing 3 in a row.

So who was this Ales guy they called up from the minors? He was unreal! They should sign that guy long-term for $3M/season right now before someone like the Rangers do.

I know that every game is the ‘biggest game of the season’ but Sunday’s game now is. It’s kinda like this, if the Flames win the two games they play against Anaheim then they will make the playoffs, but if they lose just one of them, they won’t. It’s a simple as that.

Or… the Flames need 13 points in 9 games. So 6-2-1 is the worst you can do and still make it. That’s a pretty tough record to end the season on. I’m not sure this team is capable of it.

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