Flames 4 – Stars 3 (SO)

10 Mar

Big two points. Actually maybe just one point, the other point was small as it gave Dallas the loser point and came in a shootout – which actually could effect the standings. The Flames had a 3-0 lead in the first period and then let the Stars back in it one period – one goal – at a time. 

So now we look like this, with just over a month to go is it too early to be doing daily playoff standing checks? 

Western Conference standings March 10, 2011

Western Conference standings March 10, 2011


That pesky game-in-hand still lingers, but if somehow the Flames can win tonight in Phoenix, then they are all but guaranteed to make the playoffs. At 75% their odds are better than they have been all year, and a win tonight will increase that to 85%. They could then play 500 hockey and still make it. It’s too early to say it’s going to happen, but three months ago I figured Calgary had a Hindu’s hope in heaven of making it.

  1. Zzzzzzzzz

    March 10, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Doh … don’t tell them they can play .500 and still make it!!! B/c that’s what the Old Flames used to do … play half-assed enough to earn 8th spot and then bow out in the first round after 6 games.

    ps … sure glad now that we signed Alex and Oli, didn’t trade Iggy, Reggie and Kipper and didn’t fire the GM … errr, I mean the coach.