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What the 2011 playoffs will look like!

08 Mar

In the Western Conference anyway…

Western Conference 2011 Playoff Predictor

The formula for figuring this out is quite simple… it’s based on each team’s winning percentage. You take that, along with the amount of games they’ve played to figure out how many ‘points’ they have received in each game. You then multiply that by the number of games they have left and voila! a totally non-mathmatical made-up stat that predicts exactly where everyone will finish! Isn’t speculation fantastic?

Based on this, the Flames would make the playoffs (which I still can’t believe is going to happen) and manage a respectable 6th place. Anyone remember what 14th felt like?

So this would mean that Calgary would play the San Jose Sharks, and I can’t say  hate that matchup. San Jose goes in every year with something to prove, and every year proves the same thing. They can’t win a round.

Standings current as of March 7, 2011