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Flames 3 – Predators 2

07 Mar
That was another close one. I have to say that the last two games have probably been the most exciting hockey I’ve watched (the Flames play) all year. One wonders if the team can keep this up for another 15 – and hopefully more – games.
But other than a huge two points, the story had to be the list. Gartner. Jagr. Esposito. Gretzky. Hull. Dionne. Bossy. Kurri. Sittler. Iginla. I didn’t actually think much of the record at first, honestly I remember thinking more like ‘how come Iggy doesn’t score 40 any more?’ But looking at that list, how can you not be impressed?
Like look at this mullet! and this stash! and this feather! and this ‘fro!
Jaromir Jagr
Mike Gartner

Brett Hull
Darryl Sittler
Darryl Sittler


Jarome Iginla

Jarome Iginla's non-haircut

So the only thing now separating Jarome Iginla from the this group – all of which are Hall of Famers – is that truely elite level of hockey hair.

I mean, come on Iggy, really?