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Ducks 4 – Flames 2

31 Mar

Remember that time when we could have won the Cup, but the goal was not reviewed?

Well last night was not nearly as important a game as that one was, but the Flames’ season was riding on getting a regulation win against Anaheim.

Here is the breakdown from TSN regarding the non-goal that would have tied the game at twos.

Ryan Getzlaf denied hiding the puck, but of course he’s going to… I would. We all would.

But what bothers me most is that there was no call on the ice, the rule is that you need conclusive video evidence to overturn the call on the ice. But there wasn’t a call on the ice. Gord Dwyer just put his hands in the air. I’m pretty sure that’s not a signal. That’s politely asking everyone around to just calm down a moment, I’ve got to think.

And no video evidence will ever be conclusive enough to be able to overturn incompetence.


Flames 5 – Oilers 4 (SO)

26 Mar

That was probably the greatest comeback win in Flames history (down 4-1 in the third period).

It’s so sad that it was against the worst team in the league, in a game that meant nothing.


Get this, Iggy had 2 goals and 1 assist and was still a minus 2. How does that work?


Sharks 6 – Flames 3

24 Mar

I don’t think I can say ‘it’s over’ in any way that would be different that what has been said for the past two weeks. So I won’t.

Overall I thought Kipper was bad in the first period and great in the final two. I thought Greg Nemisz didn’t look out of place with Matt Stajan and Lance Bouma. Not to look for excuses why the Flames have crashed back down to reality, but with Hagman out now the Flames have lost 325 games due to injury.

You’d think that missing the playoffs now is actually saving them the embarrassment of getting annihilated by the Canucks. Or at least that’s what I tell myself, I’ve got nothing else.


Kings 2 – Flames 1 (SO)

22 Mar

The Fat Lady is getting readyThis game was pretty exciting for 50 minutes of 0-0 hockey. It’s too bad that the Flames couldn’t win in regulation to at least keep up the appearance that there is an outside chance of making the playoffs. However that chance now sits at 20%, which is the same percentage of making the post-season as Calgary had back in November, when they were 4 points under 500 and before they went on a two-month tear at a .750 win percentage.

It’s going to take a 6-0-1 record now to make it, and there is a fat chance that’s going to happen. Enjoy the last seven games everyone!


Ducks 5 – Flames 4 (OT)

21 Mar

So much could be said about this game. The Flames gave up three early goals and came back to tie the game, Iginla, Glen Crossbar and Bourque all played great, Karlsson replaced Kipper and brought with him his uncomfortably-stored horseshoe, and the Flames couldn’t hang on and blew a one-goal lead against Anaheim with under 3 minutes to go. Again.

And with that, the season ended.

While it just seemed like one point, the Flames needed to take both games against Anaheim to make the playoffs. Getting one point is 500 hockey and 500 hockey isn’t good enough. Plus the Ducks are the team you can’t have getting extra points. The other is Nashville, who also won. Season = over.

For an example of how difficult it is to get points at this time of the year, the Flames were sitting 8th after their win against Colorado. The one point from last night moved them to 10th. (Huh?)

Of Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and Anaheim. The Flames need two of these teams to tank, and Calgary needs to win 6 of 8 to even have a shot.

Feaster should have blown up this team while he had the chance. Now, all that people will remember is that we battled valiantly for three months for 9th place.

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Flames 5 – Avalanche 2

17 Mar

People say that you can’t ever expect to win, but I fully expected to with this game. Colorado was 1-17-2 going into it, and Calgary was desperate for a win after losing 3 in a row.

So who was this Ales guy they called up from the minors? He was unreal! They should sign that guy long-term for $3M/season right now before someone like the Rangers do.

I know that every game is the ‘biggest game of the season’ but Sunday’s game now is. It’s kinda like this, if the Flames win the two games they play against Anaheim then they will make the playoffs, but if they lose just one of them, they won’t. It’s a simple as that.

Or… the Flames need 13 points in 9 games. So 6-2-1 is the worst you can do and still make it. That’s a pretty tough record to end the season on. I’m not sure this team is capable of it.

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Coyotes 4 – Flames 3

16 Mar


If there was ever a glimmer of hope that this team could make the playoffs it was certainly squashed last night at the Dome. The past three games against Phoenix and Vancouver have been (wait for it) the most important games of the season. We all know that, and the players know that. However, for certain players to not step up when absolutely necessary (hairy eyeball at Bouwmeester, Regehr and Iginla) is – as Sutter put it – completely unacceptable.

It was so frustrating to see what was supposed to be our best defencive pairing be -6 collectively in such an important game. It was equaly frustrating to see the Captain not be able to lift this team onto his shoulders like he was once able. It’s frustrating that we look to guys like Jokinen and Jackman to save the team when it’s struggling.

But the worst of it all is that the Flames could have very well destroyed all chance of a postseason appearance, something they struggled over 3 months to build up, in three games. The odds for Calgary dropped from nearly 80% to less than 40%. From being in control of your own destiny to relying on other teams to lose. From being able to play 500 hockey and make it, to having to play 700 hockey (7-3) to make it. From being in 4th place in the West and having home-ice advantage, to 8th in the West. By the time the Flames play again they will be in 10th, mark my words.

Sunday’s game becomes the most important game of the year. And who do we have to rely on? With David Moss and Brendan Morrison out for the year, we have Ales Kotalik. We have Lance Bouma. We have Brett Carson. Crap.


Canucks 4 – Flames 3

13 Mar

Other that the first 5 minutes I didn’t think the Flames played nearly as well as they ought to, because this was an important game. This game could mean the difference between 4th place and 10th place — we’ll find out later today. Backlund, Bourque, Babchuk, Giordano all came to play, however Iginla, Tanguay, Glenncross, Jokinen were nowhere to be found. If you’re top guys aren’t your top guys, well you know the rest.

It wasn’t frustrating that the Flames lost, it was the 55 minutes of non-effort. Even when the Flames were up 2-0 in the first, you just knew that they had subconsciously figured they could coast for the remainder of the game. You can’t do that against Colorado, much less Vancouver.

We see Minnesota 4 points back of the Flames with two games in hand, Anaheim 2 points back with three games in hand and Nashville 1 point back with two games in hand. That means that with only 11 games left in the season, the Flames will be pushed out of the playoffs as some point, for a period of time. Let’s just hope that time doesn’t include game 82.

SportsClubStats now has them at 48% to make the playoffs.

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Coyotes 3 – Flames 0

11 Mar

It’s probably because it was such an important game, or maybe because it was a back-to-back, or maybe Ilya Bryzgalov just had one of those games. Ilya Bryzgalov stopped 39 Calgary shots of all angles and varieties to record his sixth shutout of the season, and Phoenix jumped from eighth to fifth place in the jam-packed Western Conference. In Calgary’s corner, backup Henrik Karlsson played well enough to win (the final goal was an empty-netter) but we simply just got out-goaltended.

The Flames fired 19 shots in the second period and really controlled the play, but all they had to show for it was a couple posts. So now the Flames are in sixth, but both Dallas (1 point back) and Los Angeles (2 points back) have three games in hand on them. If the Flames lose on Saturday against the league leading Canucks, they could find themselves out of the playoffs come Sunday. Sports club stats gives the Flames a 50% shot of making it if they lose against Vancouver. Yikes. I knew I shouldn’t have said that they were going to make it.

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Flames 4 – Stars 3 (SO)

10 Mar

Big two points. Actually maybe just one point, the other point was small as it gave Dallas the loser point and came in a shootout – which actually could effect the standings. The Flames had a 3-0 lead in the first period and then let the Stars back in it one period – one goal – at a time. 

So now we look like this, with just over a month to go is it too early to be doing daily playoff standing checks? 

Western Conference standings March 10, 2011

Western Conference standings March 10, 2011


That pesky game-in-hand still lingers, but if somehow the Flames can win tonight in Phoenix, then they are all but guaranteed to make the playoffs. At 75% their odds are better than they have been all year, and a win tonight will increase that to 85%. They could then play 500 hockey and still make it. It’s too early to say it’s going to happen, but three months ago I figured Calgary had a Hindu’s hope in heaven of making it.