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Flames 5 – Senators 2

10 Feb

With the exception of one 1:07 stretch, the Flames owned the game against a struggling Ottawa team – as they were expected to. The thing is, in the past Calgary always seemed to play to their opponent and that didn’t happen last night. Even though the powerplay looked deadly and didn’t score, even though the Sens started some 19-year-old goalie who looked unbeatable and even though they got scored on twice quickly and blew a lead, they didn’t deviate from the game plan and in the end it paid off.

But I think the real reason the Flames are winning is because Kiprusoff switched back to his old mask. That new one was cooler, but brought with it some bad voodoo.


Flames 3 – Blackhawks 1

08 Feb

For the first time in a long time, Calgary actually played better than Chicago. And even stranger? The Flames are a playoff team as of today.

At the risk of sounding negative, getting into a playoff spot is only half the battle, staying there is the other. Just to show how little this means… if the teams that are below Calgary, L.A., Minnesota, Chicago, Colorado, Columbus and St. Louis, all win the games-in-hand they have on the Flames – the Flames would find themselves back in 14th place. It’s true, six teams could pass Calgary just by winning their games in hand, and the Flames would once again be ahead of only the lowly Oilers. Yikes.


You decide

07 Feb

Just to provide an update, because people keep sending in their thoughts regarding who they think will be traded before next season. So my statistically-flawless survey found that:

Miikka Kiprusoff              There is a 28% chance he’ll start on another team next year.
Jarome Iginla                   There is a 24% chance he’ll lead a rival to a Stanley Cup before retirement.
Jay Bouwmeester            There is a 48% chance someone is dumb enough to take on this inflated salary.
Robyn Regehr                   There is a 60% chance that a GM somewhere only remembers the 2004 version of Regehr.

You’re welcome.

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Kings 4 – Flames 3 (SO)

07 Feb

So the streak ends at 6, at least it didn’t end with a 7-1 drubbing at the hands of a Chicago or Vancouver. Let’s have a look and see what a 7-1-2 (last 10) record can do for you in the standings. That’s 16 points in 10 games, and it moved the Flames from 14th place to 10th. That spread? Five points. Sixteen points to move up five. Ouch.

So although I still don’t think the Flames will make the playoffs, this does make for more interesting games. Next up? Chicago. A team the Flames historically suck against, who sits just one point back of Calgary and two points out of a playoff spot. So you know they’ll be ready to go!


Flames 4 – Thrashers 2

04 Feb

It’s going to sound old, but the Flames won again in spite of Adam Pardy. Is it just me or is this guy the cause of at least one goal against per game? Pardy pinches, gets there late, and it’s a 2-on-1 the other way.

For some reason there always seems to be one guy who you cringe when they get the puck or jump over the boards.That guy for me used to be Olli Jokinen, then it became Curtis Glenncross(bar), and now – without a doubt – it’s Adam Party.

But since that makes me sound negative, I’m going to end with the fact that the Flames won six in a row. And as of this morning the standings (yes I know there is too much time in the season to start looking) look like nothing I’ve ever seen before. With about 30 games to go, there are 3 points separating 4th place and 11th place. Eight teams separated by 3 points, that’s parity. And Colorado is two points back of that pack, with two games in hand. Theoretically they could win two games in a row and move from 12th place to 4th.

NHL Western Conference Standings

NHL Western Conference Standings

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Flames 3 – Predators 2 (SO)

02 Feb

That’s five. So the eight-wins-in-a-row idea is not only possible, it’s downright plausible. Wha? Well, early January my prediction was that the Flames needed to win eight games in a row to get back to eighth. The idea is that however many points out of a playoff spot you are, you need 2-3x that many points to get there. Case in point, the Flames went in to last night’s game two points out of a playoff spot, they won the two points, and find themselves now two points out of a playoff spot. It’s not a one team league and it’s not a matter of how many points back you are. It’s how many teams are ahead of you and (most importantly) how many points you get to. Believe that.

Regarding the game specifically? I thought we got Pekkarinned in the first, and if it wasn’t for Pardy’s craptastic defensive skills we likely wouldn’t have had to battle back from two one-goal deficits. Luckily for Stajan and the Flames, Rinne let in a real softy and Sarich head-faked Carey Wilson’s kid for a nice goal to send it to overtime. I laughed when both of Nashville’s Wilson (#33) and Suter (#20) jerseys were on the ice. It’s like the past 20 years never even happened.


The Flame saves Calgary, makes us all want to… watch hockey?

01 Feb

Pow! Kronk! Kablammy!

For those of you just waiting to see how our protector of our hockey team would fare in a fight against aliens, you’re in luck! Check our the six-page story in which the Flame saves us all from aliens trying to demolish our city in order to harvest some natural resources… oh the irony!

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