It’s Trade Deadline Day!

28 Feb

Flames only made one deal. They got Freddy Modin from the Thrashers in exchange for a seventh round pick. Let’s be honest, Modin is not going to stop any presses – he’s 35, doesn’t play much, and caps out at a whopping $800,000. This is no longer the 30-goal scorer he was with the Lightning back in 2004. Don’t get excited.

Speaking of not getting excited, Calgary did get defenceman Brett Carson off of waivers from the Carolina Hurricanes. Who – you ask? Well apparently it’s a guy who has spent parts of the last three seasons split between the NHL and the AHL. Maybe you remember the name from Hitmen fame some five years ago. He’s only played 13 games this year, but is an impressive +7. A depth guy, who will play when two of the regular defencemen are hurt. The upside is also that at 26 he brings some experience to Abbotsford.

I guess it’s not surprising that the Flames did little this deadline day. You can’t get draft picks unless you want to give up someone decent. And you can’t give up someone decent and make a legitimate run at the playoffs.

And thus ends Trade Deadline Day 2011, now we can focus on trying to make the playoffs.

  1. Steve

    February 28, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    it doesn’t matter what they do. Feaster has had no real impact on the team but, in fairness to him, he is handcuffed by one bad deal after another. The Flames will likely limp into the playoffs (as usual) lose in the first round and then we’ll be in the same boat next year. Tons of hype to sell tickets to see the same underachieving team as past years while we watch other clubs build intelligently through the draft and not with retreads who add nothing to the fabric or achievement of the team. The best way to become a star in the NHL is to get traded FROM the Flames to just about any other team. We’ll have another year watching our GM drool at the draft as he sees team after team take player after player prior to the Flames first pick. PS: This ISN”T the draft to trade away Iggy, Kiprosoff, Geordano, Moss or Bourque….

  2. Zzzzzzzzz

    February 28, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    For sure, don’t worry about me getting too excited about Freddy Modin becoming a Flame. The only thing exciting about that trade is it didn’t cost us another second round pick in 2013!

    I’d actually get excited if they would use Freddy’s roster spot for a farmhand that has a future ahead of him and doesn’t have a wonky back. How do they expect to build within when they keep giving away the last couple of roster spots to journeymen 4th liners. I swear, if they sit Backlund and put in Modin …. arggg.

    As for the Carson pickup, I wonder what happened to all those promising D-men that Darryl ranted about after he gifted Keith Aulie to the Leafs on a silver platter?