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Bruins 3 – Flames 1

23 Feb

For the first time in what seems a long while, the Flames actually lose in regulation. The game was pretty evenly matched, and both goalies played well. If stupid Rogers SportsNet Flames would have started on time I would have been able to tell you what happened on the first Boston goal. But no, the standard definition feed started 5 minutes in and the HD feed began somewhere around the end of the first period.

Well I heard it was a bad line change, and the replay seems to confirm that – so I guess that is what we’ll go with. Glenn Crossbar scored his twentieth of the year, and it was a beaut. The story of the day must have been Niklas Hagman being put on waivers. In totally non-Sutter-like fashion, Jay Feaster has put him on waivers now so he doesn’t count against the cap come trade deadline – which is Monday. He can be recalled by Calgary afterwards but he’ll have to clear re-entry waivers again. The thing is that no other team other than Calgary could put him in their lineup for the playoffs, but they’d have him next year at half his salary ($1.5M). Poor Hagman, I’ve never seen a guy try so hard to accomplish so little.