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You decide

07 Feb

Just to provide an update, because people keep sending in their thoughts regarding who they think will be traded before next season. So my statistically-flawless survey found that:

Miikka Kiprusoff              There is a 28% chance he’ll start on another team next year.
Jarome Iginla                   There is a 24% chance he’ll lead a rival to a Stanley Cup before retirement.
Jay Bouwmeester            There is a 48% chance someone is dumb enough to take on this inflated salary.
Robyn Regehr                   There is a 60% chance that a GM somewhere only remembers the 2004 version of Regehr.

You’re welcome.

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Kings 4 – Flames 3 (SO)

07 Feb

So the streak ends at 6, at least it didn’t end with a 7-1 drubbing at the hands of a Chicago or Vancouver. Let’s have a look and see what a 7-1-2 (last 10) record can do for you in the standings. That’s 16 points in 10 games, and it moved the Flames from 14th place to 10th. That spread? Five points. Sixteen points to move up five. Ouch.

So although I still don’t think the Flames will make the playoffs, this does make for more interesting games. Next up? Chicago. A team the Flames historically suck against, who sits just one point back of Calgary and two points out of a playoff spot. So you know they’ll be ready to go!