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Flames 2 – Maple Leafs 1 (SO)

16 Jan

That was absolutely the most boring hockey game I think I’ve ever watched. For two periods nothing happened, then there were two garbage goals in the third period. Even a power play in overtime and a shootout couldn’t make this game more interesting. I guess that’s what you get when you pit two of the worst teams in hockey against each other.

At least Calgary has now won two whole games in a row.

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Flames 3 – Senators 2

14 Jan

Period 1: Blah, nothing much happened. Period 2: Flames dominated, scored three times (two were lucky bounces). Period 3: Flames fell apart, almost saw the Sens tie the game up.

Karlsson sure goes down too early, and looked a little shaky at the end of the game. He must have thought he had a good shot at a shutout. And does Chris Neil always act like he’s been shot, or his leg fell off, every time he gets hit? For a guy with a jaw as big as his, he sure is a pansy.

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Hurricanes 6 – Flames 5 (Shootout)

12 Jan


That was a lot of drama for just one point.

The Flames outplayed Carolina in the first period, but the game was tied 2-2 after 20. Then the Canes scored twice in the second to go up 4-2, on only 8 shots. That was the end of Kipper’s night… four goals on eight shots? comeonnow. Henrik Karlsson came in and surrendered another to give the Hurricanes a 5-2 lead, but the Flames would score late in the second to draw within 2. Calgary come out in the third and scored a couple goals to send it to overtime – which solved nothing – and then 18-year-old Seymour Skinner woudl be the only skater to score in the shootout. Carolina 6 – Calgary – still sucks.

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Red Wings 5 – Flames 4 (SO)

09 Jan

I think that Detroit just uses Calgary for practice. They go into a game thinking they will try a few new things, not really wanting to get hurt and waving their energy for their game against Vancouver. Then when they are down by a couple they think ‘okay, time to win this game’ and they go on to do just that.

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Canucks 3 – Flames 1

06 Jan

So for some stupid reason I recorded Sportsnet Canucks instead of Sportsnet Flames so I missed the first two periods. You see, I wanted to watch the gold medal game first, but wasn’t able to start watching until 8:00 last night.

Anyway, my problems aside, I turned on the game near the end of the second and saw the score was 3-0 for Vancouver. My first thought was ‘Great! Because I know that Canucks are incapable of holding on to a 3-0 lead in the third period’ (I’m kinda proud of that one) and my second thought was ‘I am am glad I didn’t record the first two periods of this garbage.’

So your move Feaster. You said that the Flames had to win 2 out of every 3 games from here on out of change will be a-comin’. The Flames went 3-0 for the first three, but 1-2 for the next. And you said 2 out of 3, not 4 out of 6. I will not fall for that technicality.

Specifically speaking about this game – well what I saw of it – the Flames outshotVancouver 44-21. You’d think that Roberto couldn’t possibly out-duel Kiprusoff, but that’s exactly what happened. Oh yeah, and the resurgence of Glen Crossbar. 

The Ruffians

Did Canada really just lose to this guy?

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Islanders 5 – Flames 2

04 Jan

Although the Flames lost to one of the worst teams in the league last night, New York is 7-1-1 in their last nine games. If the Flames could manage a similar streak (and providing the teams above them played 500 hockey) – they’d find themselves in the playoffs.

Tanguay? Kotalik? Glencross? Stajan? Hagman? Bourque? Karlsson in the first period? Where were these guys?

Although looking back at it the Flames had 42 shots (29 of which were against a third-string goaltender – Nathan Lawson) and it seemed to be one of those nights where bounces just weren’t going Calgary’s way. Since the Flames have had luck 4 games in a row, it was just a matter of time.

Once again the Flames’ fourth line was their best line. And no team is going to win many games when that is the case. Quote of the game goes to Darryl’s employeed brother Brent: “At the end of the day, we tried to play half-a-game here, and it didn’t work for us.”

Really? And what half was that?

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Flames 2 – Oilers 1

01 Jan

Edmonton is so very, very bad. Calgary outshot them 19-3 in the first period. Although I missed it because CBC chose to show the third period of the Pittsburgh/Washington Winter Classic (outdoor game). I guess I can’t complain about that, because who in their right mind would watch Calgary and Edmonton play each other? It’s like watching your retarded half-brother (Kevin Weeks) fight your special-needs sister (Mark Lee) for substandard supremacy in your household.

Anyway, Jay Feaster was on After Hours and said that he didn’t believe in blowing up a team to rebuild. He said that he’d first like to figure out the core of the team – then build around them. After Mark Lee put some words in his mouth it sounded like that core consists of Iginla, Regher, Kiprusoff and Mark Giordano. It was also mentioned (by Kelly Hrudey I think) that there were some mediocre players that Jay needs to spend time evaluating – for about two months – before the trade deadline which is quickly approaching. I think it’s Feb 28.

So the Iginla for Brayden Schenn trade is likely not to happen. Actually it is probably not likely to happen after L.A. caught a glimpse of what he can do during the World Junior Championships. Sounds like Kipper will be around for a while as well, which doesn’t make any sense – why would you want to the Maple Leafs of the West, always battling for 8th place… just enough to get a lousy draft pick?

Oh yeah, I’ve updated the ever-changing Flames line combination, click here for the current line up to see who is playing with whom.

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Flames 3 – Avalanche 2

01 Jan

Flames got all the bounces in this one, finally luck seems to be on our side. And now that’s three in a row!

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