The Flame!

20 Jan
The Flame NHL Guardian

The Flame NHL Guardian

This guy is so much better than the Oiler (who shoots natural resources at you) or the Canuck (a fish-headed Batman?). Plus, he likes to ski?!? A superhero after my own heart.

The Flame is deeply affected by the people of Calgary – he has a strong sense of pride in his city and he takes his position as a representative of Calgary very seriously. As a result of Calgary being a young city, and one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in Canada, the Flame has a personality that is multifaceted. One of the Flame’s favorite hobbies is snow skiing, which is ironic considering he’s comprised primarily of fire. He has a true passion for hockey, which leads him to be an ambassador for the sport.The Flame is completely resistant to heat and possesses the ability of pyrokinesis. He has the ability to generate heat and flame in his bare hands and can launch fireballs at his enemies. He can also focus flaming lasers from his eyes to melt a specific object or blow a hole through a steel door, concrete wall or bulletproof glass. He possesses wings made entirely of flames that enable him to scorch his way through the sky.


So now we can have epic battles for comic hockey supremacy! Am I excited? Am I sarcastic? YOU DECIDE!

The Flame verses The Oiler

Can you just feel the Earth shake?

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