Hurricanes 6 – Flames 5 (Shootout)

12 Jan


That was a lot of drama for just one point.

The Flames outplayed Carolina in the first period, but the game was tied 2-2 after 20. Then the Canes scored twice in the second to go up 4-2, on only 8 shots. That was the end of Kipper’s night… four goals on eight shots? comeonnow. Henrik Karlsson came in and surrendered another to give the Hurricanes a 5-2 lead, but the Flames would score late in the second to draw within 2. Calgary come out in the third and scored a couple goals to send it to overtime – which solved nothing – and then 18-year-old Seymour Skinner woudl be the only skater to score in the shootout. Carolina 6 – Calgary – still sucks.

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