Flames 2 – Oilers 1

01 Jan

Edmonton is so very, very bad. Calgary outshot them 19-3 in the first period. Although I missed it because CBC chose to show the third period of the Pittsburgh/Washington Winter Classic (outdoor game). I guess I can’t complain about that, because who in their right mind would watch Calgary and Edmonton play each other? It’s like watching your retarded half-brother (Kevin Weeks) fight your special-needs sister (Mark Lee) for substandard supremacy in your household.

Anyway, Jay Feaster was on After Hours and said that he didn’t believe in blowing up a team to rebuild. He said that he’d first like to figure out the core of the team – then build around them. After Mark Lee put some words in his mouth it sounded like that core consists of Iginla, Regher, Kiprusoff and Mark Giordano. It was also mentioned (by Kelly Hrudey I think) that there were some mediocre players that Jay needs to spend time evaluating – for about two months – before the trade deadline which is quickly approaching. I think it’s Feb 28.

So the Iginla for Brayden Schenn trade is likely not to happen. Actually it is probably not likely to happen after L.A. caught a glimpse of what he can do during the World Junior Championships. Sounds like Kipper will be around for a while as well, which doesn’t make any sense – why would you want to the Maple Leafs of the West, always battling for 8th place… just enough to get a lousy draft pick?

Oh yeah, I’ve updated the ever-changing Flames line combination, click here for the current line up to see who is playing with whom.

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