Darryl Sutter resigns… finally!

30 Dec

And I couldn’t be more excited, I was sick and tired of watching the no-future Flames struggle to stay out of last place. It was pathetic. Let’s trade some guys, get some picks, lose some bandwagon fans, free up some tickets, and just overall have a more promising product to watch on the ice.

Here are my thoughts from Ken King’s announcement:

Darryl Sutter is stepping down as Executive VP and General Manager of the hockey club. Effective immediately, Jay Feaster has been appointed Acting General Manager and will assume full and complete responsibilities for day to day hockey operations. (Ed. This is because Sutter had an open-ended contract – so he chose when to leave. In this case I’ll bet the owners chose when it was time for him to make that choice.)

Ken King: “As we enter the next phase of our growth in the NHL, we are restructuring our leadership and processes.” (Ed. Finally! Rebuilding is a comin’)

“For the remainder of this season, Jay will be provided the opportunity to evaluate the team from the GM’s chair and build a long term plan.” (Ed. Although they won’t ever use the word ‘rebuilding’ it doesn’t get any clearer than that. Actually when they trade Kiprusoff, that’s when it will be the most clear.)

  1. Zzzzzzzzz

    December 30, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Now we just have to get Feaster to resign too!!!

    Jay Feast’er Famine was quoted today saying he didn’t want to get rid of the core of his team, which is pretty much the only guys that other teams would give up draft picks for: Iggy, Reggie, Kipper.

    I hope he was just lying to the media like Darryl always did.